Tuesday, April 15, 2014

pop pop channel episode # 2

pop pop 視頻:訪問《達人組》歌手羅家豪關於即將來臨的《無與麟比:譚詠麟致敬音樂會》

pop pop channel episode #2: interview with TAT lead singer, kaho about upcoming "a tribute to alan tam"

Thursday, March 13, 2014

花樣年華第二部 [in the mood for love part 2]

in our efforts to groom the 2nd generation of pop pop singers, we have scouted high and low for potential singers who could fit into the mould of pop pop.

serena chong of 2v1g proves to be a revelation with her beautiful voice, which has won the approval of pop pop fans, especially those who come to support our live shows.

now we have may mow, another potential star in the making. may mow is a popular singer in the corporate entertainment circuit. the inclusion of her into our team augurs well as may has a very husky and bassy voice that's vastly diffferent from the pristine clarity of winnie ho and serena chong. to make it even sweeter, may is a looker and a beauty that pleases the ears as well as the eyes.

so, both of these rising stars would be featured in our music festival in a reprise of 2012 "in the mood for love" concert, which was then starred by lydia chew and zyan.

this time, instead of bentley auditorium, we will have it a smaller venue of no black tie.

also, the repertoire will be slightly different this time to include more upbeat numbers. serena and may will also be singing a couple of numbers from nat king cole, as captured in the movie and the original sound track.  

it is gonna be an aural and visual feast, we promise. 

date; 17th and 18th june 2014
venue: no black tie.
booking: to be announced soon.


Sunday, March 9, 2014

全新達人組 [the new TaT trio]

introducing the new member of the TaT trio, Kaho. (far left in pix)

kaho is a veteran singer who specilizes in cantopop. despite his young age of 32, kaho started listening to music at early age, under the influences of his dad and his uncles. he is especially fond of samuel hui, the cantopop grand daddy. it is unbelievable for someone at 32 to like sam hui as most sam hui fans would be in their late 40s of 50s now.

apart from his good manly voice, kaho has a charismatic presence on stage, making him instantly likeable to the audience.

we first spotted him in a tribute concert he did for sam hui late last year. we knew he was the one we needed much for TaT trio to complement worm lee and yeh foong, the two other jokers in the trio.

the upcoming tribute to alan tam has us in great anticipation as each of the three member has a strong character on his own.

if you are a fan of alan tam, you owe it to yourself to come to this gig at NBT on 7th and 8th of may!       

as usual with TaT gigs, we expect the two nights to be fully packed.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

2014 將發的專輯 [2014 releases]

LP dream comes true for pop pop

so we thought bloom is gonna be our swan song... but then luck plays its wicked twist, things take a turn for the better and we are back with not one, but two new releases.

first off, rather than sounding like a boy who cries wolf, this time we are serious in producing an LP. yes, an LP, in times where LP is on the rise and everything else (including iTunes) is going down. yes, online streaming rules among the kids but we don't think it is gonna be forever as it doesn't do justice to the music labels and musicians. some musicians reportedly get cheques from music streaming companies for a miserable few cents only even their songs have been streamed over 10,000 times. we leave that story for another day.

so, which album we are gonna release in LP format? we will keep mum for the moment. please bear with us....

next up, the long-awaited 2v1g 3rd album. we are finally inspired to do the 3rd album, and this time, song selections seem to be a breeze, as we have been "accumulating" good songs for the past 3 years!

so, there you go, 2 new releases in a year. can't believe that we can do it.

but, yes, we are doing it.

in style.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

pop pop 音樂節 [pop pop music festival]

come join in the excitement of pop pop music festival!

there are many music festivals around but one that we like most, must be kota kinabalu jazz festival. this year is another must-go as the committee is bringing back indonesian trumpet superstar, rio sidik. rio brought the house down with his stellar performance two years ago, the memories were still vivid. we can't wait to go kk again in june 13-14!

so, why not we have our own festival since we have various acts with different following?

with such inspiration, we have decided to do it in 3 consecutive months, instead of 3 consecutive days, as the audience may suffer from exhaustion.

here's our 3 main acts:

may 7th and 8th: TaT trio "a tribute to alan tam" @NBT
《達人組》 勁歌金曲之《無與麟比》

june 18th and 19th: "In the mood for love" @ NBT, serena chong and may mow
《花樣年華》 張盈慧 & 毛媚

mid july: 2V1G "Trilogy: The final Chapter" @TLC (theatre lounge cafe)
2V1G 《第三部曲:完結篇》

we will be introducing two new singers. more on them in future posts!

we urge those closet fans to come out from their closet and support this festival. really, what can beat live music? don't just sit at home and listen to CDs only la.

ticketing and reservation will be annouced soon.

stay tuned for more news on the individual act! 

Monday, February 17, 2014

《無與麟比》音樂會 [alam tam tribute]

yes, the music continues with our cantopop trio, TaT. TaT trio has a new member this time, someone who is good on vocals and full of charisma. As you know, TaT is supposed to be good voices and high on entertainment values, the addition of this new member will further strengthen the amazing trio.

after covering leslie cheung, danny chan, jacky cheung, it is finally alan tam's turn. also, this is what our fans wanted for a long time. 

coincidentally, the real mccoy, alan tam and his cohort, hacken lee, would be touring malaysia in may, which is one month after our gig. so the TaT trio will be some sort of a warm-up to alan tam fans.

there are so many songs to choose from, we are spoilt for choice. rest assured, after the arrangement by tay cher siang, the songs would sound refreshingly different and yet remaining as palatable as the original.  

we expect a crazy cantopop party, no less.

tentative dates: 8th and 9th may 2014

venue: No black tie
cover charge: RM60

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

那一晚 [the night that was: jazzy CNY]

someone commented since we have done so many successful showcases, why can't we expand our supporter base to fill a big venue, a much bigger venue that NBT. this is an interesting point that we need to enlighten many of you.

 first, watching live shows is an inherent lifestyle, a habitual way to seeking entertainment. if you don't have the habit, you would never be a regular concert goer. you may go once or twice only in a year or worse still, in many years. of course, we are not talking about those teenagers stalking their idols and are willing to pay for the sky to watch them live. we are talking about real mature concert goers who go for the music and substance. this is but a tiny minority of population in malaysia.

it is not easy to grow this fanbase. people have too many choices nowadays. look at the event calendar every week, or the humongous amount of events hosted by ticketing agents like redtix, ticketpro and even genting. people are spoilt for choice.

our brand of entertainment is niche, we cater to a niche market. and NBT is the perfect venue for niche music cos the risks are low, as we don't need to worry about rental of sound and light (which is exorbitant), hiring of sound engineer, musical instruments and best still, it has a ready crowd.

so,NBT will continue to be our venue of choice for 2014. nothing comes close to offering the best stage, ambience and appreciative crowd.   

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2V1G sings 98.8 program theme song

thanks to 98.8 famed chinese DJ, PM wang, 2v1g gets to sing the theme song of his program, for the entire month of january 2014!

PM wang achors the popular nightly program, starting at 10pm every night, and he chooses different singers/musicians to sing the theme song, which is written by him.

credit goes to roger wang for the arrangement and winnie and serena for the superb harmony.

what a great way to kick start 2014!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

happy new year 2014!

pop pop music wishes everyone a fabulous year ahead!