Thursday, November 19, 2009

封面曝光啦! [love's tapestry's cover unveiled!]

exposed! this is the cover of the limited edition (first press of 999 copies, all imported from hong kong) of love's tapestry!

retailing at RM62.90-RM65.90 (the final price will be determined by the quality of paper we choose), this limited edition is a hardcover booklet that comes with some glam shots of roger wang and gina panizales. it is also serialized with a unique number. to make it exciting fo you, if you order online, you can pick your lucky number from 2 to 999. just shoot an email to to make your reservation. sorry, i have reserved number 1 for someone special!

besides, this is the virgin pressing, meaning it is the best sounding lot as subsequent batches would not not sound as good. audiophiles know this too well.

for those who can't afford to fork out this money, normal edition at RM42.90 would be released 3 weeks later. the normal edition is the 2nd batch and would not sound as great as the first batch and the packaging is "plain vanilla" ... this is for the non-audiophiles among you.

take your pick!

also, if we are lucky, we will have a detailed blow-by-blow technical analysis (including soundstaging and imaging analysis) of each track by audiophile guru joseph ki inside the cd inlay!

just how could you resist this?

note: we will put up a playlist for you to sample the songs end of this month.

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