Thursday, February 26, 2009

roger wang 的新玩具 [roger wang's new toy]

our guitar man has some exciting toy up his sleeve!

says roger wang: "I have commissioned a new guitar to be built for me by a local luthier. It's in the building process right now and should be completed by April. I would like to use this guitar for the recording. It's actually a special kind of guitar called the Harp Guitar. It's rare and with only a small group of guitarist around the world using it, but interest in the harp guitar is growing. It's actually a regular 6 string guitar with an extra 6 open bass strings on top. This will give me the bass notes that I would need to get a fuller sound. I believe it will help a lot with 2V1G's songs".

he adds further: "I think the harp guitar will work well for 2v1g .... I am already reaching the limits of what 6 strings can do. The limited style and similar chord progression in Chinese pop music makes it even harder to stay fresh and different. The extra bass strings will open up more possibilities for the arrangement without having to move away from the voice and 1 guitar format".

but roger, we hope your toy wouldn't look as big and ugly as the one in the video! smaller and sexier, please!

fans of 2v1g, you can expect a new sound in 2v1g's new album~!

Monday, February 23, 2009

歌在呼吸 #2 [song we cherish #2]







[winnie ho]

《担心》 词曲:梁文福
我的你 总是迟疑
连吻别 也要隔着玻璃
我的你 在我指缝间远离去

这城市太过拥挤 满座的爱情电影 我用力推不开回忆

担心 你的单心 怕你将我想起
在那微寒的夜 寂寞来寻 最好是摒住你的呼吸
担心 我的单心 你就这样放心
我却如此愿意 竟然愿意
用白天 用黑夜 用思念 拥着你

Sunday, February 22, 2009

歌在呼吸 #1 [song we cherish #1]

[歌在呼吸]将会介绍一些感动过我们的歌曲。它也可能会成为 2v1g 或 jz8 收录的歌曲.


我倒不怎样喜欢那英, 但这首[一个人的事]却是难得一听的好歌。


第一次听倒不是那英的版本, 而是孙燕姿在电台清唱的版本。

燕姿介绍她自己喜欢的歌,说她恩师李思菘写给那英的[一个人的事]是她最喜爱的歌之一。 然后她就开始唱了。。我记得我听得全身鸡皮疙瘩, 连喉咙也像有一点硬件塞住了。。。

[你不愿意, 我都可以, 把这段情变成一个人的事]。。无奈, 怀疑, 失落, 种种的情感都尽在不言中。 林夕很绝的词。


you can download the song here.

抵抗忧郁的音乐 [music to cure depression]

life is too boring;
music is too bland;
friends are too busy;
money is too little;
sex is too infrequent;
mood is too low;

listen to orangegrass [橙草] and you may get a spiritual lift....

frankly, i am slightly disappointed with cheer chen's immortal, it doesn't inspire me like before... hardly any album that is inspiring of late, with the exception of orangegrass's "cumulonimbus" [橙草- 积雨云].....

this taiwanese emo-band cooks up some melodious noise that is coolly uplifting. i don't think highly of many taiwanese rock bands, not even soda green [苏打绿] can make it into my list of good rock band.

orangegrass has influences from many western rock bands; in fact, too many to mention. what is so precious is while they are darn noisy, they have got a strong hook in their music.

to appreciate orangegrass fully, you need to blast up the volume!

time and time again, orangegrass' music cures my depression....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

MTX就快出街啦! [MTX out soon!]

after months of preparation, MTX (musictoxin xpress) will soon see the light!

we plan to have it distributed in prominent record shops all over malaysia.

pdf download will be available at the following blogs/websites:
1) desirable audio boutique
2) musictoxin
3) axcess tickets

besides, we will also consider starbucks cafes nationwide.... any other places, please suggest to us!

some key contents:

0) fantastic contest to win 3 tickets to watch nah youn sun live at kk jazz festival in june!
1) roger wang speaking on 2v1g's crisis
2) interview with jz8, the dynamic chinese jazz duo
3) leslie loh [positive vibes] - leslie recommends 5 top chinese albums of 2008
4) joseph ki [listen critically] - audiophile guru joseph talking about 5 audiophile albums that impress him
5) chow kam leong [jukebox] - chow travels down memory lane with some classic memorable his from the 70s
6) tay cher siang [ talking jazz] - cher siang talks about 5 jazz albums that influence his career
7) axcess tickets' calender
8) no black tie's calender for march and april 2009
9) many previews of audiophile albums from interglobal

publication date is 2nd march 2009!

make sure you get a copy!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

为何中文唱片的盒那么大? [chinese cd packaging]

the first 3 minutes is hilarious. exactly our sentiments about chinese cd packaging~!

when my producer and i decided on the packaging of 2v1g, we were dead against the ridiculous and outrageous packaging of those typical chinese cds from those "idol" singers. we wanted something conventional - the normal-sized jewel case with a standard inlay - that can fit into the normal cd racks.

i think only in the chinese (especially hk) music industry can one see such ridiculous packaging. it is not about music anymore.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

这也是抄袭吗? [if this can be called plagiarism]

since when a song sharing the same chord progression as another be considered as plagiarism?

i couldn't understand all the fuss with the latest uproar on cheer's chen new song [距离] (distance) being accused of plagiarizing anne murray's "you needed me"!

yea, they have the same chord progression. so do hundred of other songs. even [我愿意] and [城里的月光] also share the same chord progression, do you know that?

some people are just plain stupid.

btw, [距离] is a great song. don't try to smear its originality.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

jz8 开麦啦 [jz8 on camera]

4th of feb 2009 - jz8 on camera!

we wanted to capture some photos of jz8 for marketing and promotion purposes as well as for MTX.

the photo session started early at 9am, at cher siang's house. the reason for the choice of venue is because cher siang has a beautiful kawai grand piano.

we hired two young and talented photographers for the task, one is a lomography expert too! despite their age, they looked professional and they took the task with meticulousness and style.

while cher siang is at his usual straight-n-serious self, lydia is all sassy and sexy, ready to show the best side of her infront of the camera. she brought a whole suitcase of clothes for the occasion! women, are they vain? ;-)

as they posed, jz8 also jammed along. cher siang's repertoire of chinese songs is amazing and he is so versatile to adapt to lydia's style. they are an impressive duo!

the photo session ended at 12 noon. we have yet to see the final outcome but here you get to see my photos, captured using my point-n-shoot camera!

排行榜 [interglobal top 20 audiophile chart for 2008]

the results are out from interglobal, our distributor in malaysia!

for the year of 2008, 2v1g ranks 2nd in terms of sales, slightly behind all-time best seller, emi fujita camomile!

hooroy for such a feat!

[interglobal top 20 audiophile chart for 2008]

1. Emi Fujita - Camomile Best Audio (igmj 60019)

2. 2V1G (mtp20081)

3. Best Audiophile Voices (PR 27831)

4. Susan Wong - Like You (evsa023s)

5. Nah Youn Sun (igm-009-2)

6. jaja - i love you (hori-0003-2)

7. Stacey Kent - Collection 3 (PR27892)

8. Connie Talbot - Over The Rainbow (evsa029)

9. Kevin Kern – More Than Words Best Of (RM2602)

10. Audiophile voices (pr27905)

11. Emi Fujita - Camomile Classics (PMDJ 10004)

12. Audiophile Female Voices (pr27921)

13. Simply Love (simplycd010)

14. Susan Wong - Best Of (rm120)

15. Eriko Ishihara (pmdi 30114)

16. Audiophile Male Voices (pr27933)

17. Takahiro Miyazaki - Nostalgia (pmdi 30078)

18. Audiophile Female Voices (rm112)

19. HRP7234-2黄红英 ~ 初次尝到寂寞

20. Eva Cassidy - Songbird (G2-10045)