Thursday, November 25, 2010

網上訂購 [online purchase of brasileiro and milestones]

we are at the crossroad as far as music industry is concerned. the format war continues, cd is fast dying, music servers are growing in popularity, online download increases pervasively and exponentially.... no music label is making money and many musicians are suffering.

we are not sure what the future holds for us.

but it is festive season we are in now and we shall put aside all these gloomy vibes and revel in good spirits and good music, shall we?

both the brasileiro and milestones are open for online reservation now!

as usual, both are imported cd pressed in hong kong's major high-end cd replication factory, sony dadc. we won't compromise for quality, that's why we insist on imported cd.

the retail price for brasileiro is RM49.90.
the retail price for roger wang milestones (double CD) is RM56.90

bonus: if you buy both of these albums, you only pay for one shipping for one cd!

for those who want to buy at cd stores, please head to popular cdrama, starting next friday 3rd december, 2010!

important: please direct all email inquiries to

here's the important steps:

1) account for deposit is POP POP MUSIC 514271338499

2) send email to

3) for local buyer, regardless of mode of payment, please add the following poslaju (local EMS) charges depending on where you are:

  • kuala lumpur ---- > RM5.72
  • peninsular ---- > RM6.00.
  • sarawak -----> RM8.60
  • sabah -----> RM9.20
3) for overseas buyers, registered airmail rates for overseas (singapore and the rest of the world) are:

  • singapore ---> RM13.00
  • australia -----> RM13.00
  • united kingdom -----> RM20.00
  • USA ------> RM25.00
  • canada ---> RM25.00

for overseas buyers, we only accept paypal. our paypal is additionally, you have to add Rm5 for paypal fee.

if you have doubts or queries, please call leslie at +60122083790.

thanks for supporting pop pop music!


  1. Hi
    Will we be expecting these 2 albums to be sold in Spore?

  2. yes, eventually in gramophone.. perhaps after 1 month. you can write to, he is our distributor in sg.

  3. Hello! I wanted to purchase this cd at Popular, The Curve today. Sadly, it was not on sale yet. This blog entry stated that it would be on sale starting from 3rd Dec. Are they only available on certain Popular outlets?

  4. That happened to me as well.. went to popular Sunway, then Ikano....both lead me to despair....when izzit going to be on shelf actually? Really can't wait any longer >_<

  5. hi guys,

    thousand apologies!

    please check my latest post..


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