Friday, April 30, 2010

繁忙的五月 [busy may]

when i was small and christmas trees were tall, we used to love while others used to play....

yeah, with open arms we embrace may, the month of super hectic activities!

here's the our may calendar:

  • 6th may - 2v1g last recording session (roger wang here again!)
  • 7th may - 2v1g photo session (roger wang poses again!)
  • 8th may - photo shoot of the solianos @no black tie (horng yih with with magical camera work!)
  • 10th may -tentative retail launch of jz8 album
  • 13th may - indie concert club 8 @bentley auditorium (i hate standing, mak!)
  • 15th may - jz8 listening party at CMY
  • 18th may - recording (instrumentation) of solianos "pusaka" kicks off
  • 19th may - vocals check of my bossa princess
  • 24th may - recording (vocals) of solianos "pusaka"
  • 30th may - launching of roger wang "milestones" greatest hits album

there are many more activities which are not blocked yet... as you can see, we are max-ed out but we surely love this exhilarating pace of life!

yeah, who needs labour's day when work is so satisfying! actually we are slackos la... :-)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

琐事 [trivia]

question: who covered this song before in cantonese?

those who answer correctly sure know his cantopop from a to z!

** clap! clap! **

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

可怕的購買欲 [polycarbonate addiction]

on the average, we spend a minimum of RM300 on CDs in a month, just a guess only.

how can we not spend? every record store we visit, because of our friendship with the various store managers, we would invariably buy some CDs to show our support. it is a case of mutual support since we need them to push our CDs as well.

due to the frequency our of visits, sometimes, we really don't have any worthy CDs to buy anymore! occasions like these, we dig their back catalog titles, hoping to find old titles that we may miss out. as most of our 70s and 80s music are on LPs (records), so most of the times we don't have the CD equivalents and these are the CDs that we buy most when we run out of shopping list!

we know a crazy friend who has over 30,000+ pieces of CDs (2,000+ of which are limited edition boxsets!) in his collection and his weekly orders from amount to at least 3 deliveries a week!

another rich friend of ours has, at anytime, at least 200+ CDs in transit which he hasn't got time to listen to yet! as a very successful businessman, every time he travels, he just buys and buys but has very little time to really sit down and listen to all of them.

my music buddy once called this passion in collecting CDs, "polycarbonate addiction". just like a woman who buy endless pairs of shoes to fill her racks, men like to collect things and CDs are among the cheapest collectibles, wouldn't you agree?

there is also a great sense of pride when we admire the wall of CDs filling our room. this is something that the new "download-everything" generation couldn't quite phantom and appreciate.

talking about which, we need to buy more IKEA CD racks soon as there isn't any space anymore!~

yay to our polycarbonate addiction!

獨立音樂糧食 [my indie music diet]

when the world gets weary, when life starts suffocating you, when the music gets repetitive and boring, it is always safe to go back to our diet of kool indie music. here are two albums that we could never get tired of....

1) mondialito. check for our review here.

2) azure ray

the problem is, you can never find indie albums in malaysia. so it is left to good folks like us to recommend you kool online sites that sell this genre of music.

one such website is avant garden [前衛花園] from taiwan. the website is so kool that even the mention of it makes you look kool among your friends! it is a one-man business but what an incredible collection he has. mr. lu, the proprietor has great tastes in indie music and his catalog is always great. we have bought many many albums from this site. it is fast (3 days to reach malayisa), shipping is cheap the the cd prices are damn reasonable too!

so, really, you should develop a taste in indie music, if you are sick of all these commercial thrash that is bombarding you from the airwaves!

we are number 1 fan of avant garden!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

芭莎公主 [bpz]

we haven't forgotten about another key project - my bossa nova princess, now code named "bpz" (bossa prin zess, get it?)

the reason for the delay is again due to the difficulty in getting everyone together. the princess is still in overseas, maestro cher siang is forever busy..... but we have agreed to start work next month!

in the intervening period between the time we conceived the project and now, we have witnessed the transition of olivia ong to popster, joanna wang quitting the music scene and lisa ono making an album of asian love songs, we feel that it is high time we have a chinese bossa nova singer for malaysia.

it is a bold project that is going to raise some eyebrows but don't we always enjoy a good controversy? ;-)

a lot of people have been guessing who the bossa princess is, including the cd rama staff, who is our biggest supporter. well, the princess is a sweet and pretty lass who really looks like a princess!

simultaneously, the solianos "pusaka" will also be starting in late may, so we will be musically satiated for months to come!

who's complaining? music is our soul food :-)

Monday, April 26, 2010

試聽派對又來啦! [CMY branch opening + jz8 listening party]

dear music lovers and audiophiles, time to get together and be merry again!

in conjunction with CMY's new branch opening at kota damansara, we will be launching jz8 album together with a listening party! we will be spinning the master tape by doug sax using CMY's super duper high end system!

jazz maestro tay cher siang has agreed to be there to sign autographs and talk about his involvement in the album. yeah, the album will also be on sale on that day too!

light refreshment will be served.

date: 15th may 2010 (saturday)
time: 2pm-4pm

venue: CMY, sunway giza mall, kota damansara

reservation: chan 012-2873551

as seats are limited, you are advised to contact mr. chan of CMY to reserve for a seat!

a lot of music lover are afraid to go into high-end hifi shops for the fear of being "looked down" and we have this to say: "put away your phobia, everyone is treated like a king at CMY!"

really, come and have fun with us! it is going to be a casual afternoon with music, food and plenty of chats!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

她和他樂團 [she and him]

check this out!

we have heard so much about zooey deschanel (500 days of summer).. we missed her debut album with m.ward, now we can't possibly miss this volume II!

she & him is definitely retro but with some refreshing youth energy and sunny vibes and zooey has a sultry voice for her age...

Friday, April 23, 2010

不朽黑膠 [immortalization]

june 2008: they came, they saw, they conquered and they split. such was the speed of 2v1g's success and seeming downfall.

the departure of regine tai had left a big void in the trio: who in the whole of malaysia, is capable to replace the role she played in 2v1g?

the emergence of 2v1g into the music scene was greeted with suspect and doubt: can a guitar carry two voices? can a trio do without backing vocals? can music so simple be marketed and sold?

all these doubts were put to rest within the first 3 months after the launch. inquiries, raves, reviews, poured in and soon the market was alive with the sound of roger wang, winnie ho and regine tai.

what's the big deal about 2v1g? it is really no big deal. except that after 2 years, people are still playing the cd in their cars, bedrooms and hifi systems.

so to commemorate this 2nd anniversary, we are giving fans a double-whammy: (1) 2v1g 2nd album, which will be released in late june 2010 and (2) 2v1g debut album in LP!

at the point of writing, we are listening to some final tracks of the 2nd album and it has the same romantic vibes, sadness, melancholia, emotional intensity and outpour as the first album, but musically better because roger wang has fully grasped the finer points of chinese ballads.

yes, we have decided to "immortalize" the first album by way of releasing a limited edition LP (vinyl)! not many albums deserved to be pressed in LP but we believe 2v1g debut album is one such.

here are the goodies:
  • Limited Edition 180g, only 700 copies, absolutely no reprint
  • Gatefold design
  • 2 Bonus tracks (new) added from 2nd album
  • Stockfisch (Germany) pressing
  • Unique serial number on each LP sleeve
  • Extra photos and write-up from the artistes
  • Initial pricing RM130-RM140

we accept reservations now... 300 copies have been pre-booked!

making a LP for this album is our way to remember and cherish this fantastic trio who have touched our hearts in more ways than one.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

里程碑 [milestone]

a lot of our friends who had listened to jz8 album in full have told us that it is our best effort to date and it is a milestone production for a local label. but to us, that's the just the beginning of our ambition.

the solianos "pusaka" has all the elements and reasons to surpass that milestone in its all-encompassing musical vision and its boldness to create "a malaysian album for the malaysians".

after ding-dong for more than half a year, we have finally come to the day of contract signing!

besides the 5 members of the solianos (unfortunately, tricia, the youngest member of the family, couldn't make it due to her singing engagement in langkawi) together with two of our friends were present to witness this significant occasion.

the place of the signing is still our fave restaurant, chef n brew in damansara heights, where we shoot the cover of love's tapestry. besides providing a good ambience, the food is affordable and great!

it was a joyous occasion. our good friend and our distributor, mr. cheah of interglobal music spoke to the solianos on his great expectations and how he views the significance of the project to malaysia's music industry.

our vision is more ambitious. we want to make a timeless audiophile classic in the mould of "peter, paul and mary" or "the weavers at carnegie hall". this album will be appreciated by malaysians from all walks of life, regardless of race and religion. it is the kind of album that you will be proud to play it to your foreign friends or visitors to malaysia. it will sell for years, as more and more discover the album.

a memorable musical journey is about to begin and we are inviting you to join us.

the next 6 months are gonna be the most exciting times for all of us in pop pop music!~

to irene, tano, tinoi, rizal and tricia, you guys are going to rock and leave a great musical legacy for malaysia!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

從這里開始 [mulanya di sini]

one of the most significant moments in my life - the signing of contract between pop pop music and the solianos today!

another great news: we have decided to cover this fantastic song by the late seha from the group freedom in the 70s! what a "muhibbah" song that encapsulates the spirits of this album!

hands up those of you who know this song!

more stories to come!

mulanya di sini

Artist: Freedom
Tibanya di sini
Bagai terulang lagi
Kisah yang indah
Di antara kita berdua

Sehingga di sini
Tiada berpaling lagi
Kita berteman
Seiring jalan dan sehaluan

Sama sama menjejak mimpi
Sama sama mencari dan menanti
Segalanya direstui cinta sejati
Sama sama gunung didaki
Sama sama turun ke lembah sepi
Suka duka bersama dirasai

Mulanya di sini
Ku kenali dirimu
Sehingga kini
Sehingga ke akhir waktu

Akhirnya di sini
Ku kenali hatimu
Sehingga kini
Kita akan terus berlalu

Sama sama menjejak mimpi
Sama sama mencari dan menanti
Segalanya direstui cinta sejati
Sama sama gunung didaki
Sama sama turun ke lembah sepi
Suka duka bersama dirasai

Di hadapan kita ada jalan
Menuju di kejauhan ada sinar menanti
Di penghujung perjalanan ini

Oh... sambil bernyanyi
Mendendang senandung yang syahdu
Riangnya hati dan indah duniaku

Sama sama menjejak mimpi
Sama sama mencari dan menanti
Segalanya direstui cinta sejati
Sama sama gunung didaki
Sama sama turun ke lembah sepi
Suka duka bersama dirasai

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

大陸翻版 [china malaise]

business is tough, more and more greedy distributors have been bringing in MIC (made-in-china) cds and dvds and feeding them to almost every record store in malaysia. of course, this is nothing new but the volume of MIC products vs others has increased substantially, to an alarming level now.

looking at the business angle, this is understandable. the cost of MIC products are so much lower. you can get them for as low as Rm3-5 in china but after the mark-up, it is now being sold at Rm25-RM30! imagine the profit margin!

the MIC products are cheaper and have more songs and often can compile a few albums together for the price of one. darn, they can even compile many singers from different labels under one house! obviously, a lot of them are flagrantly infringing copyrights by not going through the proper and legal ways to obtain the copyrights, this is especially so for MIC english audiophile CDs! you get many famous female vocalists from different labels appearing all under one CD! (you can get olivia ong singing together with stacey kent in one cd! hoho!) that's amazing and also sickening. it shows that the chinese will do anything to get business.

worse still, they have the audacity to put any major labels' logos (even if the artiste does not belong to that label!) , or technology logos (HDCD, XRCD, K2 mastering) at their whims and fancies, with an aim to fool gullible buyers!

while gullible buyers will be attracted by the special packaging of MIC products and the contents and song selections, the experienced ones could easily tell you that the audio aspects and sound quality is largely inferior! (same for dvds, the picture quality is bad). some are downright bad because they rip it off from another pirated copy!

but there are some genuine retailers like cd rama (popular), who really go through the proper channels to import genuinely authorized and authentic MIC products into malaysia.

so, to those who think they got a bargain: listen to the sound and watch the picture quality! if you don't care, we have nothing to say la!

be a discerning buyer and boycott inferior MIC pirates!

Monday, April 19, 2010

jz8母帶被认可! [jz8 master finalized!]

master tape from the master

after 2 rounds of mastering, doug sax again delivers a superb master!

the jz8 sound is airy, open, lively, energetic, has vivid imaging and excellent presence (you feel like the band is playing in your room!). unlike love's tapestry, the recording is less demanding on a playback system's capability.

due to the extended time spent on mastering, our schedule has been pushed back by one week, i.e. from the initial 28th april to first week of may. thousand apologies to those who wait patiently!

the only way to reward you is a great recording and a great sound and we are pretty sure of that!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

欣賞七十年代音樂 [discovering 70s music ]

because we are 80s kids, we missed the entire music revolution of the 60s and 70s but fortunate for us, now with back catalogs selling so cheap (like this santana double-cd greatest hits album which is selling only at RM25!), we are lucky to be able to do catching up!

many fiftysomething folks have told us the best music is made in the 60s/70s and we can't agree more. many have said that 80s music pales in comparison to 70s but we would like to add that 90s music also pales to 80s, so you can say that the quality of music degrades with each passing decade. you think coldplay is great? go and listen to radiohead? you think radiohead is great? go and listen to pink floyd!

where to start with our discovering of the 70s?

shall we start with santana? yeah, we all know "black magic woman" but we didn't know it is a cover of fleetwood mac's song! (another great 70s act)

santana, the rock band led by carlos santana, started in late 1960s and early 1970s with its unique brand of rock, salsa and jazz fusion. the band's sound featured carlos santana's melodic, blues-based guitar lines set against latin percussion such as timbales and congas. rolling stone magazine named santana number 15 on their list of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time in 2003.

to write any less complete about carlos santana and the band would be a great disrespect to the band (and the guitarist) who contributed so much to the rock music, so we will leave it to better writers or journalists, or wikipedia ;-)

here we would like to introduce just one memorable track from santana, for the benefit of young readers. we have many faves but one stands out: samba pa ti, the psychedelic instrumental, which is later covered by jose feliciano with spanish lyrics filled in.

we simply love the lush burnished tone of carlos' guitar, coupled with the bold melodies and boundless energy. if you like samba pa ti, you will like many of santana hits.

one famous music journalist once wrote: "while all great guitarists make the instrument sing like the human voice, santana makes his guitar sing like the human heart. the ability to play from the heart is something many virtuosos search for all of their lives. that ability defines the life of carlos santana".

Saturday, April 17, 2010

pusaka 曲目 [pusaka repertoire]

this is the initial song list for pusaka album!

5 of the songs are originals by alfonso soliano, the grand daddy of the solianos.

we try to include modern malay pop songs like "gerimis semalam" by sheila majid and "belaian jiwa" by innuendo, with the aim to entice the younger listeners, while evergreens like "widuri" and "geteran jiwa" are all well-known classics known to most music lovers.

for the english numbers, we are still thinking hard.

do these songs sound foreign to you? fret not, as long as you have an open mind, as long as you are a genuine music lover, you would love them all!

Friday, April 16, 2010

蘇連諾 “pusaka" [solianos "pusaka"]

tanah pusaka, one of the songs in the album, which solianos do in jazz in the most wicked and creative way (not this video)!

looking at how proliferated the word "timeless" is being used by many artistes, we have decided to change the album title to something quintessential malay: pusaka, which mean inheritance or legacy in english.

as we hava said, it is not a malay album. it is a malaysian album for all malaysians. we have spoken to many music lovers over 35 year-0ld and most could relate to the solianos and the kind of music we are going to make. we don't find any modern music (90s onwards) that we can called "malaysian" music, seriously.

we are not trying to be pretentiously patriotic but being "anak malaysia" who witnessed the progress (or regress?) of this country for the past 4 decades, we feel attached to this kind of music. it speaks to our hearts in a way that no other genre of music could. in no way it is music for the old fogies; we do hope the new generation could appreciate it too, especially now it is done in jazz and multiple-part harmony.

the recording will be done in one of the top studios in kl so you can be assured it is the of the highest standards. this project is gonna be our biggest production to-date in terms of costs and number of musicians involved.

because the solianos are ultra low profile so there aren't many photos in the net. we plan to shoot some great shots (and hopefully videos) during their next gig in NBT next month!

we are all set for "pusaka", the musical legacy from the solianos!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

十年 [ten years]

we chinese have a saying "how many ten years have we got in life?". it is a rather pessimistic but highly realistic way to look at life.

really, when we were in our 20s, we think the world is our oyster: we were daring, angsty, naive and idealistic. when we hit 30s, we become more mature, stable and begin to know what we want in life. when we hit 40s, we gain wisdom and full control of our lives. for a lot of people, 30s is prime time, for some, 40s. when we hit 50s, it is time to harvest what we sowed and take life easy.

the transition from 20s to 30s is slow, from 30s to 40s is slighty faster and from 40s onwards, you feel life accelerates and so does aging. everything goes downhill from 40s.

however, it is a different story for musicians. musicians don't age, they only get better with their craft. they become more sensitive, more delicate, more soulful, more heartfelt, more musical, more of this and more of that.

so, as a young musician, a local one at that, how many ten years you have got? a lot of local musicians can't even last a full decade. most would have become insurance agents, direct sales agents or ring tone composers, after finding the hardships about surviving as a local musician.

being a local musician, you have either be the top in your chosen field or you better find a day job. there are no two ways. because if you are not at the top of your game then you would be living life on the fringe and fighting for survival on a daily basis. this is malaysia, reality fully checked.

so, it comes as a total celebration that we witness the maturing of roger wang from a young talented guitar player to a maestro that he is today.

from the slim and handsome guitarist who first appeared in NBT 10 yaers ago (where we first met), roger wang has, over the years, gained plenty of skills, fans and friendships, and not forgetting, some undesirable kilos, along the way.

his confession of late that he has acquired a slight blood pressure has prompted him to reduce his pork intake and other unhealthy food , thus allowing him to look slimmer once again.

roger wang is one of the most humble, easy going, good natured, professional and affable musicians we have ever worked with. absolutely no air, no attitude but with plenty of sardonic humor. you would never hear roger bitches or badmouths about his peers, not even the slightest criticism or negative comment. he always maintains neutrality, level-headedness and sense of balance. we believe all these good attributes come from a good family upbringing and a good education.

this year roger celebrates his ten-year anniversary in the music industry. and to commemorate this special occasion, he is coming out with a double-cd complication album which includes selected tracks from his 6 albums to date, plus some unreleased tracks.

the album is aptly called "milestones" because roger wang has reached milestone after milestone with each and every album he recorded with various collaborations.

the first decade has been revelatory and memorable for him with 6 acclaimed albums to his credits. the 2nd decade is gonna begin and we are going to witness an even better, bolder and more exciting roger wang. it does sound like a southpark propaganda!

roger, you sure have many many ten years ahead of you!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

歡迎到我們的音樂世界! [welcome to our music dome!]

yes, it is ready! welcome to our spanking new pop pop music website!

this website is meant as an extension to this blog to promote and sell our music and other music which appeals to us. we are particularly supportive of malaysian artistes.

since it is a one-man's efforts, don't expect it to be super-duper or filled with flash displays or digital gizmos. (in fact, it still has some imperfections waiting to be fixed!).

it is a basic website, without shopping cart or e-commerce engine. to buy a cd, you just submit the "buy cd" form or shoot us an email the way you normally do. the same payment methods (internet banking, paypal) apply.

every album on sale comes with a sampler of 6 songs, which you can listen and enjoy. but some japanese albums just don't allow us to convert the music files into mp3 because they have DRM (digital rights management) control! we are mighty pissed! ;-)

please suggest to us how to improve this website. remember it is a one-man's effort ( a poor man at that so no shopping cart or credit card payment!) so don't expect the impossible! in fact, to upload an album, write the review and do all the linkages take more than 3 hours! we think we have too much free time to please you! but we are all music lovers who love sharing, right?

to celebrate this joyous occasion, we are running a contest to give away free copies of love's tapestry album! seriously, this album is best for tuning your hifi system because it is so natural and real. only for the purist among you!

hop over to pop pop music now and find out how you can enjoy this special privilege!

for new readers, why not join our mailing list by entering your email address on the bottom right panel?

please bookmark!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

超級浪漫 [truly romantic]

oh my god, this is so incredibly romantic! we are loving every minute of this new album from lisa ono, what great record it is! since we bought it yesterday, it has been playing non-stop in our car, study room, bedroom... this is the kind of album you can snuggle in bed with your loved one, you get the drift ;-)

we are not big fan of lisa ono but with repertoire such as this, who could resist?

doing asian love songs is not a new idea, roger wang has done that in his "journey home" solo album, but doing it in bossa nova is something new and what a refreshing job lisa ono has done.

we can't pinpoint exactly what makes it work so well in this album. is it the top-notch and classy instrumentation, arrangement and musicianship, or the incredible song selections or simply lisa's lazy, sensuous and languid interpretations? we guess all of these factors contribute to this great album.

don't be a harsh language teacher when you listen to this album, for lisa ono, no matter how hard she tries, does not sound authentic in these asian languages, but she has plenty of soul and sensitivity to make up for her lack of pronunciation.

the 10 songs here are thorough gems, especially track 3 saichon(thai), the best of the lot, track 4 dahil saiyo (filipino), arirang (korean) and even our own malaysian rasa sayang. the classy and tender arrangement really brings out the rich emotions and delicacy of these songs and lisa's singing is perfect to bring out in full blossom the romantic mood of these classic asian love songs.

these are what we called classy cover versions. we can't sing enough praises for this album. suffice to say, this is the best album in recent months. glad we are the first one to listen to it!

recording is very good, understandably so because it is mastered by bernie grundman, the top mastering guru in the world.

highly recommended.

Friday, April 9, 2010

黃翠珊 511 [susan wong 511]

Part-time singer, full-time Accountant, Susan Wong has come a long way in the audiophile music realm to achieve what she is today. Since signed to Evo Sound, Susan has improved on her musicality and her musicians are all international class too. We love what Ashley Whitfield, Evo's boss, does to Susan Wong musically. Ashley is a smart boss.

511 is a Bossa Nova album and all the credits must go to the guitarist Ignocio Lamas, who not only plays great guitar but also does incredible arrangement on most of the tracks in the album. Even Roger Wang, our guitar god, is impressed with Ignocio's contributions. The whole arrangement is guitar-led, which stands out but without disturbing other instruments. Very few guitarists can do this kind of arrangement well! It is not easy! Listening to Paul Young's "Every Time You Go Away" and Whitney Houston's "Saving All My Love To You" and understand what we mean. We love the way the arranger slows down the tempo to suit Susan Wong's vocal range.

Susan is very comfortable with Bossa Nova, something she has done previously with Rock In Music, her previous label. The choice of songs is eclectic, but interesting nevertheless.

This is a polished album that goes easy on your ears.

We are selling this album at pop pop website at Rm64.90!

感恩 [grateful]

this industry is full of challenges. before we even decide on an album, we would normally work out the mathematics to see if it is viable. like in the solianos case, it is very challenging because we are taking a small gamble with our international markets. lucky for us, we always manage to convince ourselves that we won't lose money on the project, eventho' we don't know how much profits we will make.

who in the right mind would invest RM70-80k on an album in times like these? would you? if you don't have undying passion, if you don't believe in your product, would you spend that kind of money on an industry that's fast dwindling?

so every time we receive an order or compliment from our supporters, we feel we are the luckiest people in the music industry! and every time we receive a pay cheque from our distributor (who happens to be the best paymaster on earth!), we count our blessings that we have such reliable partners to work with.

we have released 3 albums so far and thanks goodness, we make money in all of them (yes, that includes the not-even-released jz8). we think we are lucky but we cannot take it for granted that it will be so for the rest of the albums in the future. because we have to keep making good albums to reward our loyal supporters.

another great news is some retailers have already recognized our contributions to the music industry and started to initiate some long-term partnerships with us. isn't it great that you have retailers that support you? how many labels or musicians get that kind of treatment? we don't mind telling you that most local albums, especially new artistes get a cold shoulder from retailers. they would at most order one of two copies just to please the distributors!

selling physical CDs to recoup back the investment (let alone make money) in times like these is not the best strategy to survive. that's why for future albums, we want our artistes to be able to perform gigs or concerts regularly. since our artistes are not commercial popsters, we are not likely to get endorsements or sponsorships so we can only rely on ticket sales or cd sales on the event day itself.

all said, this industry is not for those who are greedy or don't have passion or perseverance. a lot of musicians or labels who want to make quick bucks have gone to ring tone or digital format downloads biz and that's a different ballgame altogether. it is not about music anymore.

there will be a time when we would do original compositions, as and when we find good singer-songwriters that we believe are good enough. an ordinarily written original composition has no place in an album, much less an audiophile album. for now, there is still plenty of room to do cover versions creatively and imaginatively.

we are far far from being satisfied with what we have done. the moment we have 20-30 good albums in our catalog will be the moment we could proudly declare we are the most productive indie label in malaysia.

so, once again, to our supporters, our distributors, our retailers, thanks for the trust and support. you motivate us to soldier on in this tough journey.

yes, don't ever let your children become singers or musicians, or worse still, struggling producer! (just joking)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

大師說 jz8 [doug sax's verdict on jz8]


Sunny and I have worked carefully on JZ8. It seems to be a very nice album. We have treated it musically and used our best efforts to slightly open up the sound and still keep the feeling of the recording.

We are sending the reference disc tomorrow (Tuesday) I think you will like what we have done.

Doug Sax

Sunday, April 4, 2010

我們很喜歡她 [we like her a lot]

Liyana Fizi plays a mix of acoustic indie tunes tinged with folk, bossa, and jazz. Gaining acknowledgment for her melodic songwriting, the singer/songwriter made her first debut as one of the founding members of Malaysian indie-pop band Estrella. Everyday musings and inward thoughts are the main elements of her music, using simplicity as the main staple.

Currently singing and playing rhythm guitar as a solo artiste since September 2009, Liyana performs with her permanent band of sessionists, and takes a vast interest in using music as an outlet for expression.

Friday, April 2, 2010

留下藝術遗产[leaving behind a legacy]

just like what pop pop wants to do with the solianos, the legendary 70s folk trio peter, paul and mary (PPM) recorded this historical album as a legacy, before the passing of mary travers, the famous female vocalist in the trio.

let us state it clearly: we don't belong to the PPM era and yet we find their music so pure and musical. while we could connect easily with music before our time but the same cannot be said of the music of today. sad.

for the young readers among you, you can follow the background story of this historical album here.

many accomplished musicians, no matter how much he has achieved in his career, would always have a dream project that he secretly harbors, before he retires or dies. everyone would like to leave behind a legacy, one that future generations could cherish.

the same sentiments is shared between us and the solianos. they are so good yet not many people know about them, because they are not young, not good-looking and don't speak english with a strange accent and don't go around addressing people with "yo, brudder!".

the solianos "timeless" project is about to commence and if god is kind, we would be launching it on the 31st august 2010, merdeka day, a day that has a lot of meaning with one of the songs, "tanah pusaka" in the album.

oh, we almost forget to review this album by peter, paul and mary! how could an album with songs like "leaving on a jet plane", "where have all the flowers gone?" and"blowin' in the wind" be no good?

in fact, listening to "where have all the flowers gone?" and "blowin' in the wind", we feel so sad for the death of mary travers, the pioneer woman singer who brought "sex appeal" to folk music.

this is the classic of classic. absolutely must-buy for any serious music lover.

life is good with music this good.