Tuesday, June 29, 2010

你不需是大明星 [you don't have to be a star]

one of our fave 70s pop song

we have been watching some episodes of taiwan's 【超級星光大道】(taiwan's top reality singing contest) where some of the best challengers - from all over the world, including malaysia - came to challenge the contestants. the challengers are those who are not registered in the actual contest but they come as wildcards who stand a chance for a big prize (and fame) if they keep knocking out the contestants. the term is called "PK'" in taiwan, we are no sure if it is an abbreviation of english or chinese but we guess it means "knock out". olivia ong is such a case. immediately after her impressive appearance in the show, hua yan (HIM) signed her and launched a new album. and look at her now!

we are not here to discuss how great the challengers are (yes, they are so incredibly great compared to the contestants) but rather the mentality behind the "challenger" concept.

this concept is really exciting as it invites some really unknown singers from other countries to surface and show themselves to the rest of the world.

so naturally it has become the fast lane for many aspiring singers (or even veteran) from smaller countries like malaysia to go taiwan and hope for a breakthru. so far, more than half of dozen of malaysian singers of various fame and reputation have gone to the show as "challengers" and the results are mixed. the best of the lot was an astro champ who came back from the show (she was knocked out only in the 3rd round) and immediately become a spoke person for a consumer product.

just why do so many aspiring singers wanna pose as challengers? it is not hard to understand the thinking behind. even if you are a singing champion in malaysia, you are nobody if you don't establish yourself in taiwan, the mecca of mandarin pop. being in the show increases your chances of you being picked up by major labels in taiwan. let's face it, it is vey difficult for a malaysian label (even a major label) to launch a malaysian artiste in taiwan nowadays. it means money, plenty of money. if the label wants to launch the artiste in taiwan, the artistes needs to be stationed in taiwan (for a long duration) and the label needs to sponsor everything for the artiste, including lodging, allowances, transport etc etc, not the mention that huge amount of investment in A&P. in today's pop music market, that's bad financial decision! producing a chinese pop album is almost a sure-lose cause, it is impossible to recoup back the money thru physical cd sales. bear in mind there are many number-crunching accountants working in major label companies!

so the only way is for a taiwanese label to sign you up. but how great/slim the chance? not unless you are someone outstanding like olivia ong, the chances are very slim. having said that, karen kong also did well to secure a contract with TVB after her appearance in HK's version of the reality singing contest.

but dream we all should, right? after all, what's life without dreams?

we hope to see future subo (susan boyle) coming from malaysia!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

從這里開始 [mulanya di sini]

this is so inspiring: four malay divas (except jaclyn victor) singing freedom's "mulanya disini".

it will be solianos' turn soon. we are waiting with bated breath how the mighty salvodor's guerzo is gonna change the arrangement to fit into 5-part harmony!

our blood boils every time we listen to timeless classic like this.

music like this encapsulates what being an anak malaysia is all about.

Friday, June 25, 2010

萬眾期待 [great expectations]

it is building up... the great expectations on 2v1g's 2nd album next month.

the local radio station (for once!), the overseas distributors, the retailers are all looking forward to the release of the much-delayed, much-anticipated sophomore album from the dynamic acoustic trio led by roger wang.

in fact, one radio station has drawn up a comprehensive marketing campaign to promote this album, which includes a pyjamas party with a live showcase by 2v1g!

we are flattered that for once a non-mainstream album is getting such attention. the pressure is also on us to deliver an album that lives up to the great expectations. not easy, you know. not easy at all.

as a supporter, what should you do now? you should start playing back the first album to reminisce the great music made by the former regine tai, winnie ho and roger wang, while anticipating patiently for arrival of jeffery lim who replaces regine tai.

2v1g is back: revamped, bigger and stronger!

穿越时空的双周 [zhou xuan and lydia chew singing together ]

obviously done by a supporter of jz8, this video merges the two singers by the same surname, zhou xuan and lydia chew, separated in time by more than 6 decades!

what a creative effort!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

悅耳, 好聽 [delightful]

it is rare to see chinese jazz album these days, "jazz light year" is a totally delightful offering from taiwanese lynn li yun ling [李昀陵]。

according to our sources, lynn is a veteran pub singer in taiwan, much in the same league (age, experience) as diva tiger huang 【黃小琥】. the reason why lynn started late is obvious: she lacks the powerful vocals and presence of tiger. that is not to say that she is not good, it is just that tiger is superior. in fact, we have all praises for lynn, as far as this album is concerned.

"light year" is part bossa nova, part jazzy, slanting more towards the commercial side as opposed to adventurous/experimental side. it would appeal to listeners who like their music light and easy, and their female vocalist mature and musical.

the first half is full of good tunes. the opener, "vibrated old dreams", bai guang's classic, is very good. lynn's caressing voice warmly invites the listener to relax in her music. the arrangement is great too but pity that they have to use midi bass and strings. so it is obvious that the producer is not an audiophile!

my fave and the standout track is track 3, "i wish" (wo yuan), a cover of a very famous 80s classic. the bossa arrangement is delightful; this is the kind of vibes we want our bossa princess to adopt in her album. the percussion and drum works are very good too; it make you sit up and sway your body and tap your feet!

track #4 teresa teng's "unfadable first love" is totally jazzy and equally good. lynn's versatility is shown here as she changes her vocal style to suit the song. she scats decently too. what is precious is, despite her years of singing in the pubs, she doesn't sound "oily" or jaded, which is a common problem with most seasoned pub singers. lynn is musical and can definitely carry jazz convincingly.

track #5, again, teresa teng's "thousand words" is not so much to our liking because it mixes pipa with some modern acoustic instruments. if we want "old-fashioned" teresa teng covers, we can find thousand offerings from china!

having just produced jz8, we can't avoid comparison. in terms of arrangement, tay cher siang is more adventurous and westernized, where ikeda kinya (the key arranger) is more traditional. in term of vocalist, lydia chew is more sensuous but lynn is more versatilel. also, "light year"is richer and more layered than jz8, due to the fact that it uses more instruments.

a good album that is musical and entertaining, this will be one of our reference cds for our bossa princess and teresa teng cover albums. we would recommend you to buy it if you want some good quality chinese jazz.

p/s you can only get it here

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

完成第一首![tudung periuk completed!]

the soliano divas - irene and tricia

after some "disciplinary" lessons, the soliano brothers picked up the paces and performed better in the studio today!

the production team has adopted a different strategy in recording the 5-part harmony. instead of letting one singer to complete her parts for all the songs, we are aiming to complete one song at a time, thus allowing more focus and concentration from the 5 singers. we have also spread the workload to one song per week.

this strategy seemed to work as we managed to nail down "tudung periuk" in 5 hours!

after completing our virgin track, the team is more confident to tackle the remaining 4 tracks for session 1 (session 1 are all the easy songs; session 2 comprises of mostly "new" songs for the solianos).

the 5-part harmony for "tudung periuk" sounds tight and supremely harmonious, eventho' the ever-critical ador is still not completely satisfied. for those who are not familiar with the background of this famous indonesian folk song, we hope to do an introduction of each song at a latter stage. for those who already know the song, all we can say is, the solianos' touch is magical!

next week we are going to tackle "tanah pusaka". once we complete these two major singles, our marketing campaign will start rolling, which include exposing our music video for merdeka day on 31st august, followed by submission to radio stations and seeking of corporate sponsors.

you bet the days ahead are gonna be fun and exciting!

as of now, we are loving every minute of it~! these are some of the most memorable times in our musical journey!

Monday, June 21, 2010

找公關 [looking for samantha jones]

samantha jones wanted!

we are looking for a good PR company that can help us to launch a pervasive marketing campaign for the solianos album and preferably headed by someone like samantha jones (kim cathrall) of the sex in the city fame ;-) a good PR like samantha can open doors to many opportunities and promote your brand to the right clientele.

please help us to source around or recommend your friends who are in the PR line. some friends suggested nancy yeoh, the PR queen from the RAPR firm... i guess that's a bit over-the-top and she is way too pricey for us!

here's what we want the PR firm to do...

1) strategize marketing and promotion campaign

2) media liaison with major mainstream media, e.g. the star, NST, the edge, berita harian, utusan malaysia and other vernacular newspapers and other magazines for the mature readers. (not juice, klue or junk!)

3) handle liaison with major radio stations, eg. suria, light and easy, hot, rtm and other vernacular stations.

4) handle online media including facebook, blogs

5) if possible, seek sponsorship with big corporations

please spread the words around!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

好爵 [another good jazz album]

lynn li yun ling [李昀陵], a veteran singer from taiwan has just released a jazz album worthy of our checking out! we have heard a couple of tracks, it is very tastefully done!

gonna hunt for this cd immediately!

Friday, June 18, 2010

困難 [very difficult]

each individual singer in the multi-part harmony group has his own music score

it is an eye-opener, the complexity of the solianos "pusaka" project. we have never attempted this level of complexity.

the 5-part harmony is so difficult to execute; it has never crossed our minds. to start with, it has to be individually recorded, because in the studio environment, if 5 of the singers were to sing and be recorded simultaneously, if one singer sings off-pitch (which will surely happen), there is no way to use auto-tune software to correct the pitching as it would affect other voices' frequency bands. so to record the 5-part individually means the recording time is going to be multiplied 5 times! and we are talking about the most expensive studio rental in malaysia!

writing the 5-part harmony on musical score is already a huge task, eventho' it does not trouble ador at all, singing the individual part is the killer part, especially for the 2nd and 3rd singer who need to follow the lead singer's phrasing.

so it is no surprise that tricia, our lead vocal, has little problem but irene and tano are finding it extremely difficult to sing perfectly without flaws . the backing singers has to sing every note accurately and that's very difficult!

unlike backing vocalists in the typical pop recording, who remain at the background and can sing multiple times (multiple tracks) to cover herself, singing backing vocal in the multi-part harmony means you stay in the foreground and every individual singer (voicing) will be spotlighted and your pitching, phrasing will become very important. really, ask any professional singer (or people who have participated in choir singing) how easy/difficult is that, probably you would then appreciate the complexity of the project.

we are burning a lot of recording hours in perfecting the multi-part harmony. even ador and the singers are getting tired. the project has already overrun its budget even at this initial stage.

we can't say that we are not worried.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

驚嘆 [3As- amazed, astonished and astounded]

do we look like people who like to exaggerate?

we have played the solianos demo cd (not 100% complete as the 5-part harmony has not been recorded) to close to half of dozen of friends and there is only one word to describe their facial expression - "amazed!".

they were amazed by...

1. the arrangement by salvador guerzo
2. tricia's (lead vocal) honey-toasted and sultry voice
3. the choice of songs and how great each song is sung and arranged
4. the fabulous recording (world-class audiophile standards)
5,and most importantly, the superb musicality of the music! (almost everyone agreed on this)

these are some of their immediate responses...

"wow! malaysia can produce a record like this??"

"i would buy this album even with just one good song but all your songs are so great!"

"ador's arrangement is definitely world-class!"

"the recording (from the ark studio) is the best of all your 4 albums; again, world-class!"

"this female lead vocalist is amazing!"
note: all those who listened to the cd are chinese friends of ours.

the funniest of all is, while we were playing the songs loud in a hifi shop, many passer-bys who heard the music, came by and showed thumb-ups at the window!

yes, we don't like to exaggerate, the solianos "pusaka" malay jazz classics is gonna be one mind-blowing and superb musical experience!

as we speak, orders are already coming in and many are bulk orders (more than 10 copies) but we are far from ready! some even wanted limited edition with unique numbering, again, we are not ready to take orders yet!

we are planning our marketing campaign now - we want the whole malaysia to know about this album!

時代曲投選 [vote for your fave shidaiqu tunes!]

please look at the right panel... listed are some of our fave shidaiqu tunes....

please tell us which are the ones you would like to pick for this album!

bear in mind tho' we are not gonna emulate what john huie has done for zhang le (which is exemplary on its own)... instead, we will do it in a more modern and westernized way, with big band, swing, jazz and bossa nova.... using malaysian top-notch musicians and not shanghai musicians. in fact, we don't even want to call it shanghai jazz, cos that's overused!

we have already contacted zhang le and eagerly awaiting her reply ;-)

[latest - zhang le has replied!]

hey Leslie,
thanks for your email. yes, I'll be happy to record in Kuala Lumpur. I am living in new york right now. please let me know your plans, and I look forward to working with you!
best regards,

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

上海夢 [shanghai dream]

modern shanghai diva, zhang le

one of our biggest supporters has spoken to us about recording an album of shanghai shidaiqu covering repertoire of zhou xuan, bai guang, wu yin yin, ge lan etc etc, in a modern contemporary setting, as he would like to dedicate it to his beloved father who passed away recently...

we were obviously touched by such filial gesture so we did our research...

we found her...

do you like her?

封面大戰 [battle of album covers]

this is great animation... how many albums displayed here are recognized and owned by you? ;-)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

jz8 贊! [jz8 bravo!]

great news!

the taiwan's hifi show committee has chosen jz8's "forever smile" 【永遠的微笑】 to be one of the songs in their compilation CD, to be given away free to all attendees to the prestigious show. which essentially means more than 10,000+ people will get to listen to jz8!

as you know, hundreds of CDs are competing in the selection and getting voted by the committee is not an easy task, and certainly it is something that you can't buy with money, becos the committee has a lot at stake simply becos this is the biggest show in taiwan and it carries a lot of weights.

this is a tremendous boost to jz8! bravo!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

我給馬來西亞的禮物 [my present to malaysia]

hi guys,

wanna share my joy and excitement with you here.

we have just completed the first session recording of the solianos "pusaka" album.

tho' they were many glitches, mainly due to the brothers not getting used to the "disciplined" studio environment, it slowly dawns on me that i am making a historical album of great proportion and significance. the enormity of the music is such that you have to listen to believe. really, i have never heard "tanah pusaka" being sung in such a delicious way, totally wicked and satisfying.

almost all my chinese friends who had listened to the demo told me that they like the music, eventho' it is in malay. it testifies my belief that music has no language barrier. and almost certain that all my chinese friends would buy this album when it is out.

i call this album "my present to malaysia" because it encapsulates my feelings towards this country of ours for the last 40+ years. never mind that some of us have lost faith in this country, we would still cherish being a malaysian at heart.

as i have said, i would send one copy to the PM office and one to Tun Mahathir and many copies to Francis Yeoh of YTL we believe that many royal families too would also be interested in this album.

also, we would plug the single "tanah pusaka" in various radio stations before the merdeka day this year.

i am already feeling damn proud of this endeavor. i hope you are too!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

和諧的美 [day 2 - harmony heaven]

solianos doing a rough vocal guide for the much-loved folk song "tudung periuk"

day 2 of the solianos recording continues with the recording of vocals, the raison de entre of the solianos pusaka album.

story to come...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

不好 [bad times getting worse]

weren't we right when we said the malaysian music retail market is at it pits now? our taiwan and hk distributor also reported worst season in years...

check it out for more depressing news...

孤寂 但不孤寂 [alone but never alone]

larry carlton's "alone but never alone" is my inspiration in moment like this

you know, almost everyone whom we pitched the solianos "pusaka" to showed doubts on the viability of this project. the reason being that: a chinese producer can't possibly understand the malay pop music market and secondly, there are just too few malay audiophiles.

all except one strong believer, he is the one who introduced us to the solianos, gives us plenty of support and inspiration on this project. he is not one to mince his words:

"if people can see the potential, then it is no longer your opportunity! you are never a follower to begin with!"

"isn't it great that people don't believe in your judgement once again? much like 2v1g 2 years ago, which garnered so many harsh critiques when it first came out?"

"people don't understand the significance of taking a 30-year musical legacy (in the case of the solianos) and immortalize into an everlasting recording, an audiophile recording "

"sure, if you are 35 year-old and younger, you won't appreciate the significance of the album. this album is for those who were born and bred in malaysia and lived through the era of sheila majid, and those times when "tanah pusaka" and "setia" were sung by all malaysians".

"ask the sceptics: have they ever bought a malay album?"

"pass this album to david foster and i bet he will be amazed that malaysia has such incredible musicians. the solianos are hidden treasures for the past 30 years".

bro, you are the guiding light in this challenging project. you have been a constant source of inspiration to us. we thank you from the bottom of our heart.

alone, but never alone.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

吐氣揚眉的大計劃 [project that launches a thousand ships]

3rd from right, salvodor guerzo (ador), is our man and the most respected arranger in malaysia.

this is the studio that jacky cheung and roger wang recorded 【十二個音】

the solianos pusaka album is a project that is gonna sails a million ships for pop pop music... and we will tell you why now.

we want to create an album similar to sheila majid "legenda" in 1990, one that is loved by all malaysians. the same people who loved sheila majid are going to love the solianos, that's our postulation and there's where our motivation comes from.

the solianos "pusaka" breaks the record by being the most expensive project we have thus far. much of the budget is allocated on the recording studio fee, where the ark studio is responsible. this studio not only has some very pretty high-end equipment, it also boasts of excellent acoustics. it is a very airy and lively studio; there is going to be plenty of dynamism in the recording.

day 1 of the recording started pretty much like most of our previous projects: everyone is trying to get used to the studio environment. more so for the solianos brothers who have been playing live for so many years, with studio experience being distant memory. to make it more chaotic, our producer, ador couldn't join us in the early part of the session due to some work commitment.

recording started at around 12 noon. nick (the studio's boss) and his engineer, ben, have set up the microphones and cables the day before. yes, we are using stage III cables for all the critical links. the sound coming out from the studio monitor is very promising: we have a feeling that this recording is going to surpass all our previous recordings, from the sound point of view.

we are supposed to finish 5 instrumental tracks for the day. the brothers were really missing our producer ador, as all the arrangement were done by ador and only he knows how to "play" the arrangement.

the brothers started playing "tudung periuk", supposedly the easiest of all the songs. this new arrangement by ador is refreshing and i like it the instance i heard it. "tudung periuk" is an indonesian folk song and it is going to be the first song in the album, because the way solianos do it is very outstanding and different. actually, most of the songs the solianos do them in their own inimitable way!

"tudung periuk" took about 2 hours to complete the instrumentation part. not bad. next came the harder "gadis idamanku", the song that alfonso soliano (the granddaddy of the solianos) wrote for his wife and the one that most malaysians are familiar with. the song saw the solianos brothers arguing about whether to use the metronome (click). there was no consensus, at which point i felt that we needed ador to be around to lead the way.

irene quickly volunteered to fetch ador, it was already 5pm already and we have only completed one track. i was preparing for overrun and a huge recording bill that follows. mind you, if you need to know, the ark studio has the highest per hour rate in the industry!

but amidst the disorder, it was reassuring that irene and tricia maintained their humor and keep everyone entertained. the solianos ladies are really a bunch of fun-loving, a-joke-a-minute entertainers. only now i can understand why they have survived so long in the industry. it is because they are so pure and honest in their pursuit of their passion. it is obvious they love what they are doing. if the solianos wanted money and fame, they would have broken up long ago because of disagreement and disunity. no, they are still very much together doing what they like, enjoying every minute of it. i do admit, i like working with this bunch of people very much. absolutely fun and at the same time, professional.

ador came at around 8pm and wow! it was like the conductor was in the house. the solianos brothers suddenly became disciplined and obedient students! ador cuts a mighty figure among the solianos members. you could tell that everyone in the family respects him a lot and loves him a lot. there is so much love among the family members, this is something that really touches me, as an outsider and observer. there is so much bonding within the family.

ador quickly picked up where it was left off. things quickly took on a faster speed. "gadis idamanku" was completed within 2 hours.

next came "getaran jiwa". we were all sniggering among ourselves when we heard tano playing this song on the piano because that was not his normal aggressive style! under ador's demanding guidance, he played a very sensitive and soft rendition and i was stunned by how beautiful ador's arrangement is. phew, this is the most gorgeous "getaran jiwa" i have ever heard! irene was giggling as she told me how ador always manages to "tame" tano and forces him to play sensitively. she quipped: "see, now all tano's bad habits are gone!" i was equally amused to see how ador influenced the music and the solianos' brother playing style.

i must also say that of all the studios i have been, the ark studio is the warmest and coziest studio to rest and chill. nick has a cozy sofa in front of the console and a nice pantry for us to make coffee. dang, even the toilet looks classy! eventho' i was tired, i couldn't stopped laughing at all the jokes irene and tricia cracked. 12 hours had lapsed and there isn't a sign of tiredness in them. in fact, the solianos are night owls who get more energetic as the night wears away. they have boundless energy level. this must have come from years and years of live performances.

by the time the last song, "tanah pusaka", also the most difficult song got started. i was already a spent force. everyone expected this song to take some time as ador's arrangement is rather complex and difficult to play. i looked at my watch and it showed 2am. i decided to go home cos i had an early morning the following day. i missed being with this bunch of fun-loving people. the next session i must make sure i sleep well and be able to sit thru the whole session, even if it means it goes all the way till the morning!


i met irene at NBT on friday night and she was excited to play me the recording of the 5 tracks they did on day 1. i listened attentively in her car stereo. i couldn't stopped getting impressed by ador's arrangement. i felt my goose bumps raised. i have never heard these familiar songs played in this elegant manner. ador's arrangement is so rich and creative. i told myself: "gee, if the 4-part harmony is added onto the instrumentations, i think i would cry listening to them!"

yes, indeed, this is with doubt the most musically moving album i have produced so far. it is no longer about love songs, about melancholia, about heartbreaks... it is about timeless music that can stir up your emotions and evoke your passion for music. the music in this album will make you appreciate why you are a music lover in the first place. because you love these gorgeous melodies; because you love the 4-part harmony and voicing; and above all, because you are a malaysian.

i have vowed to myself this: even if it means exhausting all my bank's savings, i must make sure that this album will be one that's gonna surpass all my previous albums and become a breakthrough album not only for myself and my supporters, but for all those who couldn't imagine how a malay jazz album could be made a quintessential and classic malaysian album for the malaysians.

the stake is high and we will deliver.

this much, i can promise to you.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

盜版看上了jz8! [pirates eyeing on jz8!]

jz8+2v1g: two albums for the price of one!

just because i quoted one retail manager who said "jz8 sales will surpass jay zhou", some irresponsible media twisted my words and made the headlines "leslie loh arrogantly said jz8 will beat jay zhou in sales". whatever la, you put me into the spotlight and i should be thanking you instead of screwing you!

so that attracted pirates and overnight, pirated copies of jz8 + 2v1g (2 in 1) appeared in pasar malam (night market)! we are flattered at the same time feeling totally exasperated! these pirates are totally up-to-date!

but market conditions remain slow.

really, people are not buying CDs as much as before.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

5G 頻道報導 [5G pin dao on jz8]

what a great video!

this is also the best article so far!

感恩 [thank you]

the road to our musical dreams and ideals is fraught with many difficulties, we are grateful that we have so so many supporters who offer various services and help and friendship, to make our journey just a bit smoother and satisfying.

many of you have come forward to tell us how much you like what we are doing and you are willing to offer your services to us FOC, in whatever capacity you can. many seeds of friendship are sown because of this special bonding.

we just don't know how to thank you enough. we are only a small tiny label pursuing our little dream. we never dream of fame and riches; we are just taking one step at a time to do what we like, enjoy and believe it.

your sincerity and support are a pillar of strength to us. we grow stronger because of you.

it is simply amazing, this passion in you and in us.

spotlite 報導 [spotlite on jz8]

read here

辣手報導 [laksou.com on jz8]

read here

光華報導 [kwongwah on jz8]

read here

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

東方報導 [oriental press on jz8]

click here to read article

中國報報導 [jz8 in china press]

click here to read article

星洲報導 [jz8 in sin chew]

read the article here.

邁向高峰 [scaling heights]

me and tricia at 4am this morning. emotionally high.

it is 5am on tuesday morning. i just came back from the studio where solianos had a 4-hour practice, before we do the actual recording on wednesday. i am exhausted. physically spent but mentally active.

i couldn't tell you how incredible it is to be with my most admired musicians, watching them in practice and jesting with irene and tricia during teh tarik session. they are really a fun-loving bunch gifted with so much talent.

i was moved to tears in jz8 conference yesterday. bet the entire chinese press would have the headlines "jz8's executive producer shed tears" in the next 2 days. i don't care about how the press views me, i am a wildcard in the chinese music industry, an unknown. i am what i am and i express my emotions freely, without pretensions. what made me cry was all the things that i went thru last year, culminating in the making of love's tapestry, an album of heartbreaking love songs. now i am fully recovered and so much stronger and mightier, i see the whole future lying ahead of me. the incredible feedback on jz8 in just one week made me realize how lucky i am to have so many supporters like you. it seems the whole music industry in malaysia is watching us now.

but when i see the solianos play and listen to salvodor guerzo's (our famous and revered producer of this album) new arrangement for these songs, my emotional level reaches a new height. this is the album that's going to scale new heights. this is the album that would bring pop pop music to super stardom. (not that stardom is what i aspire).

the whole industry is abuzz with the news that "the solianos are cutting an album with a chinese music label". hey, we love controversy! music, is afterall, a universal language, so what's wrong with a chinese music label cutting a malay album?

up till today, many of my friends still ask me "who's the solianos and why do i cut a malay album".

the answer, my friends, will be unfolding here, in the next 4 months, right before your eyes.

malaysian music lovers, are you ready?