Friday, March 18, 2011

pusaka 預購開始! [you can order pusaka now!]

do you want to own a piece of history?
do you want to own the first vocal harmony album by a musical family who sings and plays the instruments?
do you want to own the first malay jazz audiophile album in the world?
do you want to own possibly the best-sounding malaysian album?
presenting to you "pusaka" from the most talented musical family in malaysia!

look at the glorious artwork of pusaka! this is our most elaborate and sophisticated inlay design to date, thanks to the immense talent of our graphic designer, manjii hwang!

manjii has spent weeks to do his research on how to present solianos in their most glorious state. his choice of colours is spot-on and photography from pacino wong (you studio) perfectly complements the artwork. so far, the feedback on the inlay design has been great.

there are two versions of pusaka:

1) premium edition: wooden box, with a inlay booklet, velvet lining inside. limited to 1,000 copies only. retailing at RM69.90. this is a fully imported version.

3) normal edition: normal plastic jewel case, with just a cover sheet (no inlay). this is the economy edition. retailing at RM39.90. the cd is imported but packaging is done locally.


important: please direct all email inquiries to

here's the important steps:

1) account for deposit is POP POP MUSIC 514271338499 (maybank)

2) send email to

3) for local buyer, regardless of mode of payment, please add the following poslaju (local EMS) charges depending on where you are:

  • kuala lumpur ---- > RM5.72
  • peninsular ---- > RM6.00.
  • sarawak -----> RM8.60
  • sabah -----> RM9.20
3) for overseas buyers, registered airmail rates for overseas (singapore and the rest of the world) are:

  • singapore ---> RM13.00
  • australia -----> RM13.00
  • united kingdom -----> RM20.00
  • USA ------> RM25.00
  • canada ---> RM25.00

for overseas buyers, we only accept paypal. our paypal is additionally, you have to add Rm5 for paypal fee.

if you have doubts or queries, please call leslie at +60122083790.

thanks for supporting the solianos and pop pop music!

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