Sunday, July 31, 2011

最受欢迎歌手奖 [KLIAV: the most popular singer goes to....]

guys, you should have guessed it! she is the one  hifi uncles go for..... no offence, we are uncles too :-)

fantastic CD sales at the KL International AV show, aided by the very classy and enjoyable live unplugged showcase by lydia, winnie and zyan!

roger wang "milestones" tops the sales, many visitors don't even know this CD exists. this goes to show one thing: Not many people go to CD shops these days. album making is still viable provided it is backed up strongly by gigs, concerts and showcases.....

Friday, July 29, 2011

你们没机会了 [application closed]

now this news is gonna break the hearts of many ladies: tay cher siang is offcially engaged to his japanese sweatheart!

as soon as our maestro made the declaration in FB early yesterday, tons of wishes came pouring in, some obviously happy for him, but some (the ladies) are feeling sad....

because maestro is such a good catch: tall and handsome, superbly talented, humble and down-to-earth and with a future that is shining bright, many many many nubile ladies have confessed to having him as their dream guy....

sorry, ladies, from now on, you can only listen to his piano....

Thursday, July 28, 2011

国际音响展 [KLIAV: setting up]

this is where winnie, lydia and zyan gonna perform on saturday and sunday at the KLIAV show....

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

街灯下的寂寞难耐 [when liu jia chang meets li zhong sheng]

we are sure you know this: liu jia chang ruled the chinese pop in 70s and jonathan li ruled in the 80s.

liu jia chang has written hundreds of songs and probably 50+ of them made it into top hits. so did jonathan, who was omnipresent in all the chart hits in the 80s. there can't be bigger legends than these two in the chinese pop history.

what's more: their music is easily suited to jazz arrangement! jonathan li's music director mac chew, a famed malaysian, already infused much jazz elements in jonathan's music, as evidenced in his album 【不舍】 (reluctance), which was partly recorded in kuala lumpur in the 90s.   

the english-educated ones among you may not know them as much as teresa teng but seriously there won't be chinese pop without these two godfathers of pop. so it is only appropriate we introduce their music to you!

we would like to pay respect to them in a musical showcase next year!

yes, we mean it. when we say we want to do it, it is quite likely a reality! 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

练习 [practice]

we are resting roger wang and tay cher siang for next week's big event,  "the jazzy sounds of teresa teng"....

true to pop pop music's spirits of promoting young talents, wei Li and worm would be the musicians to support zyan, winnie and lydia at KL international audio visual show this weekend!

the 3 singers would do a total of 10 songs, including one cantonese number and one english number...

be there or be.... square ;-)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

【爵士光年】到了![jazz light year is here!]

taiwanese jazz songbird lynn li yun ling's 【李昀陵】 debut jazz album "jazz light year" 【爵士光年】will be sold by pop pop music exclusively in malaysia!

you can find it in this week's hifi show at the jw.marriot! price is RM54.90

we will soon be putting up a mp3 player for your listening pleasure.

we will also accept online order. please email to

你会来吗?[are you coming?]

it is not often, even rare, we present to you all three singers in one showcase, so don't miss this week's KL international audio-visual showcase in JW marriot!

let's cast a vote: who, among winnie, zyan and lydia, would emerge the favourite among the hifi boys and uncles?

we will judge by the clapping, applause and autograph-seeking from the crowd!

so, please cast you vote!

first 5 winners with the correct vote will get a newly-packaged edition of roger wang "milestone" cd!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

满座! [full house!]

it is incredible! "the jazzy sounds of teresa teng" reaches full house more than 2 weeks ahead of the concert!

it is no doubt that we contribute in small parts to the chinese jazz movement in malaysia, look at how our artistes are found all over the performing arts arena in kuala lumpur.

tay cher siang is already the most sought-after musical director-cum-arranger in malaysia. his calendar is booked til next year. there is hardly a day where he is free!

and look at how winnie ho and zyan have matured. last night, winnie ho was dancing to her own tunes at hakka republic, what an impressive performance! she is easily the best chinese jazz singer in malaysia, no argument. even my visiting hk friend commented: "this girl loves singing; she loves the stage and she shows it". we are gonna see a stunning performance from her in the upcoming concert in august!

and bossa princess zyan has slowly but surely built up her following as well. she has clearly established herself as the most popular chinese bossa nova singer in kl. very popular personality in the gig scene. we are planning for a 2nd album for her to capitalize on her debut's success!

so once again, 3 cheers for an astounding "FULL HOUSE"!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

还是那么好听 [still as good as ever]

LATEST UPDATE for "the jazzy sounds of teresa teng" : only 40 pieces of RM85 tickets left. RM105 tickets all sold out. hurry up!

has it ever happened to you? that you have exhausted with all your new cds, getting bored with them and you dig out your old collections, and instantly find immense satisfaction in them?

tracy huang "a ray of spring" 【春光】 can be counted as among our "top 100 best mandarin albums of all time ".  many connoisseurs of mandarin pop would definitely agree that this is one of the best albums in the 90s. of even after so many years, it still sounds good and timeless.

the fact that it contains classic 【情雪】"snowy love" as covered by 2v1g in their debut album makes it even more worthwhile as a collector's item. the rest of the album is packed with good melodies, included one great song composed by the then-famous phil zhang 【张宇】。  

no review is needed as anything more would be superfluous.

we don't think you can find this album any more in malaysia, you can try online stores in taiwan like


好好笑 [hilarious]

as much as we respect liu jia chang 【刘家昌】 as the godfather of mandarin pop in the 70s, look at what happened when you ask him to compose a song for today's generation, and sung by none other than his own son!

yes, we love liu jia chang and his many compositions. in fact, his songs may become our concert theme one day. but as great as he is, he has lost touch with today's pop and what the listeners want.

for those with good ears, this song sound so much like liu jia chang's hit in the 70s "mei lan wo ai ni" 【美兰我爱你】, which liu composed in just 1 minute!

the singer, his son, jeremy liu zi qian 【刘子千】, has become famous exactly because of the hilarity!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

第一次 [for the first time]

first the time, pop pop music will be showcasing its artistes at the annual KLIAV (KL international audio-visual show)!

KLIAV is held at j.w.marriot hotel from 29th july till 31st july 2011. it has been the annual carnival and exhibition for audiophiles and videophiles for the past 15 years.

this year is very special as this is the first time we rented a big hall with the aim to showcase our 3 divas: winnie ho, lydia chew and zyan, to what's essentially a male dominant event. we are sure the hi-fi boys and uncles would be enchanted by these three alluring ladies.

venue: bintang III, 3rd floor, j.w.marriot hotel
performance time: saturday 30th july 2011 (2 sessions: 2pm and 4pm)
                                    sunday 31st july 2011 (2 sessions: 2pm and 4pm) 

admission to the hifi show is only RM10.

we may run a contest to give away 10 tickets, watch this space!

寻找生意伙伴 [looking for regional partners]

we are looking for partner(s) in singapore, thailand, hong kong, taiwan and indonesia to develop the small-scale concert event business (the main theme would be chinese oldies revival).

the partner can be an individual who is interested in the music business or a small event company looking for new angle in the business. he must be willing to develop the business in the areas of media relations, publicity and networking.

interested parties, please email to or call +60122083790

Friday, July 15, 2011

上报了 [all in the the press]

LATEST UPDATE: RM105 tickets all sold out!

the chinese press turned up in full force on tuesday for the press conference!

the venue, hakka republic, a high-end fusion restaurant where our little divas winnie and zyan perform monthly, proves to be a refreshing change from the typical cafes and restaurants.

we thank sue lim, the lady boss of hakka for her generosity in letting us have the pc there!

here's all the press releases....

sin chew (the best report!)

oriental daily


e united

kwong wah



Wednesday, July 13, 2011

何芸妮爱上郑泽相? [winnie ho falling for tay cher siang?]

winnie ho's heart goes a-fluttering when paired with a good-looking and talented musical director?

the press conference as captured by hisoing for your viewing pleasure!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

今天发布会! [press conference today!]

for those who have bought the tickets and for those who haven't bought the tickets and for those who decided to give it a miss, here's our promo video for you!

do you remember the movie, do you remember this classic, unforgettable reunion scene? do you remember the songs?

yes, it is getting nearer, the fire is burning and we are making sure it would turn out fantastically!

Friday, July 8, 2011

高潮迭起的音乐会 [it has got to be jazzy!]

after learning from the previous concert "my glorious years" where we found out that audience not only want music but showbiz elements, we have further enhanced our production....

you can bear witness to our improvements in the upcoming "the jazzy sound of teresa teng" musical showcase...

among the highlights。。。

1) after a classic video footage, roger wang will come up on stage to play an acoustic solo of a teresa teng classic, with the bay window - full drapes opened - in bentley auditorium in full view of the audience. how do you like looking at the moon and the stars? it is gonna be quite a sight!

2) winnie ho going to play a standard medley of teresa teng songs, followed by jazzed up versions of the same songs

3) a special guest, a surprise guest, a jazz diva, from taiwan is gonna be our guest... wow, wow, wow

4) snippets from a famous movie on teresa teng will be shown to coincide with two songs .... classic scenes in the movie which promises to trigger off your memory bank

tickets are moving slowly but we promise, once our press conference is over and once the press articles are out, there will be a flurry to get the tickets!

act now!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

靡靡之音发布会 [press conference]

"the jazzy sound of teresa teng" press conference would be held at hakka republic (menara hap seng) on 12th july 2011 at 3pm... you are cordially invited!

if you happen to be free on that day, do come by and have a drink on us!

p/s the press conference was purposely delayed to avoid the bersih rally but now that the rally has been called off, we feel "cheated" :-)

Monday, July 4, 2011

刘美君好声音 [prudence's love addict]

hot from amcorp mall: prudence liew mei kuan's "love addict" cover album.

ok, we would admit: this is a reasonably good album; prudence put a lot of efforts; a lot of money is spent on production etc. etc.

but why is it that we are not as moved as when we listened to wakin's cover album "diva"?

it didn't take us long to find the reason: the song selections.

maybe prudence wanted extremely mainstream mandarin pop and it happens that we don't like extremely mainstream mandarin pop. the songs here are super karaoke-friendly stuff that are so immortal that they are not easy to emulate or to be sung better by other cover singers. to do that, you may need stellar and unconventional producer like china's zhang ya dong (faye wong's ex-producer) and a superbly versatile singer like karen mok. 

not that prudence didn't sing well but most of the times, we prefer the original singers, except for qi qin "yuan lai de wo" and harlem yu "lao she qing ge" which prudence really made them her own and stamped her signature all over. the arrangement is also at odds with some of the songs, proving once again it is not easy for pop producers to do bona-fide jazz or big band., unlike prudence's previous audiophile album, "salute deux", which boasts supreme arrangement and musical stylistics.

another observation: prudence is a great singer who likes to improvise, play, tease, flirt, ad-lib, and sing differently with her unique style (once again, please check her superb audiophile album "salute deux" covering songs by danny chan), asking her to sing a serious ballad like angus tung an ge's classic "qi shi ni bu dong wo de xin) does not quite capitalize on her strength.

it is obvious that prudence and her production team is ambitious hence the bold arrangement, top-notch producer (bill wang, joanna wang's father) and big band back-up. it works sometimes and it does not work sometimes. unlike wakin's straight forward delivery that touches the heart so easily, prudence's efforts come off as a bit deliberate and intentional.

to us, this album is good but it loses out to "salute deux" not only in terms of arrangement, musical contents but also in recording quality. "salute" is a class A+ audiophile recording, full of fireworks and sparks.

we would still recommend this album. you are bound to find some songs that appeal to you, after all, the songs here are all classics, albeit overly commercial.

almost forget to mention: the mini concert dvd is good, worth every penny you spend on this cd. prudence is a great live singer. nothing beats the last song in the concert, "jay", her major cantopop hit in the 80s. to us, that is the true prudence.

Friday, July 1, 2011

音响論壇華語夢迴百選專題 [audio art music hall of fame]

click here for audio art, 音响論壇華語夢迴百選專題  taiwan's premier hifi magazine top-100 chinese albums of all time.

prestige and recognition, this feels so good.

自然自在的公主 [she is natural]

she is demure and pretty; she is shy and polite; she is nice and popular; she is just everyone's favorite....

here's another report about her.