Monday, October 31, 2011

来!一起唱丹尼仔的歌! [come, let's sing danny's songs together!]

note: the dates for previous poster is wrong, it should be 9th and 16th of november!

yes, the stage is set at No Black Tie next week to do a tribute to our cantopop prince, danny chan! you have to make your booking early as NBT is extremely small and in all likelihod, it is gonna be packed!

once again, booking with NBT (after 5pm): 03-21423737

see you next week!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

瓶颈 [bottleneck]

cheer chen is close to being artistic over subtance... a dangerous sign.
story to come.

Friday, October 28, 2011

做慈善的理由 [reasons for doing charity]

a lot of people underestimate the power of music.

music can heal wounded souls; it can break barriers; it can soothe frayed nerves; it can unite lovers; it can bring families closer... and it can be used as a medium for charity fundraising to help the needy.

isn't it wonderful that we, small and insignificant as we are (but with lofty aims), can contribute to such noble cause? 

last month we received a call from a young girl asking us about the jazzy teresa teng concert. she said her dad is keen to host the concert in melaka and it is gonna be a charity concert.

curious, we didn't know what to expect but told her that we would be going down to melaka anyway so let's meet up.

we met up with her dad, mr. T, who is a lanky middle-aged man with a certain aura of authority and intelligence. immediately he strikes us as a learned man with a strong business sense. we could tell that he is a successful entrepreneur by the way he talks and reasons.

within minutes of the conversation, mr. T softly uttered the words, with much sadness in his voice, "my wife passed away 2 weeks ago, she was a philanthropist and i would like to continue her wishes of doing charity.... ".


so,  ladies and gentlemen,  the legend that's teresa teng goes unabated, here is the 3rd repeat of "the jazzy sounds of teresa teng", now in our cultural capital, melaka. words have it that they plan to pack 1,000 people inside the ballroom of equatorial, it is gonna be some kind of concert for us.

winnie ho can stand proud for being the fist local chinese pop singer with so many repeats of a major scale concert. 

date: 7th december 2011 (wednesday)
time: 8:08pm to 10:08pm
venue: equatorial hotel
ticket prices: RM300, RM150, RM100
ticketing outlets: Faithview Development (Sandra, 06-3178889/8891)
                             GNL Gift (Candy Liau, 016-2072197)
                             Pay Fong high School (Wang Chow Shen, 06-2828250)

all proceeds will go towards the education funds of pay fong high school. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

陈百强的初恋 [danny chan's first love]

作詞:鄭國江 作曲:陳百強

we have been spinning the song in the bonnie lam album (track 2) non-stop for weeks!

it brings us back to our first love..... do you remember your first love?

so much bittersweet memories, right? let's go back to a time where love was so pure, sweet and unconditional and social networking means sharing a root beer in A&W.....

come to our danny chan party @NBT on 9th and 16th november to recap these fond memories!

Venue: No Black Tie [google map
Date: 9th November 2011 (Wednesday) and 16th November 2011 (Wednesday) 
Time: 9:30pm – 11:30pm 
Singers: Winnie Ho, Worm Lee, Z Yan, Lydia Chew, Jeffery (Ah Fei) 
Cover Charge: RM40 [Does not include drinks] 

Booking: (after 5pm) 03-21423737

Monday, October 24, 2011

何芸妮的靡靡之音 [winnie ho's "the jazzy sounds of teresa teng"]

it is almost impossible to justify making an album nowadays, unless:

1) it has concert backup then the cd would become a sure-sell merchandize
2) it is a landmark album: the album means a lot to the singer and to the music label
3) the arrangement and musicianship is world-class 4) the retailers would order in big quantity

by and large, winnie ho's debut solo album "the jazz sound of teresa teng" fulfills all the above criteria, even exceeding them.

so, without further ado, we will soon begin this once-in-a-lifetime project....bear in mind that we have got all the music arrangement in place.

yes, tay cher siang, roger wang, zyan and lynn lee (yun ling) will all be in it. 

our target date is before CNY 2012. watch out for it, you lucky ones!

Friday, October 21, 2011

你爵士, 我也爵士 [you jazz, i jazz]

perhaps, it is the trashiness of commercial pop that allows chinese jazz to be so popular nowaways. you jazz, i also jazz.

while we rejoice at the increasing acceptance of chinese jazz in malaysia, we also lament the way amateur musicians abuse it.

jazz is not about applying some jazz chords to some classic songs and voila! instantly it could become jazz. the same way that a chinaman at the hawker store cooks spaghetti, thinking that it is about all tomato sauce and olive oil that makes good spaghetti.

jazz is an attitude more than anything else. forcing some jazz chords into what is essentially a chinese karaoke song does not make a jazz song. the same goes to bossa nova. applying bossa beats into a karaoke song does not necessary turn it into a bossa nova song.

it is the attitude and the spirits that's more important.

music arrangement is king. if you don't have it, don't force it.
if it is a chinese karaoke song then sing it the way it should be, please.   

Thursday, October 20, 2011

提早发行 [early release]

due to request from retailers, we have decided to release bonnie lam's "remembering danny chan" next week, instead of waiting until no black tie's event on 9th next month!

so, guys, go to CDRAMA next week to support us!

honestly, we like this album. bonnie's voice is sweet and steady, and the recording is great. pay attention to track #2 and track #5, these are the best tracks in the album. the arrangement is standard light jazz, playing on the safe side, as compared to our tay cher siang's bold and creative aspects.   

those who want to sample the songs, please give us till friday to set up the mp3 player.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

花样的怡保 [in the mood for love]

ipohan rejoice! we will be staging "in the mood for love" (formerly "my glorious years") next month!

again, this is a charity concert initiated by andaman group to raise funds for sam tet school.

because this is staged in ipoh, the sam tet alumni would come in full force to support this fundraising event..... apparently, they have snapped up 300 tickets, leaving only 100 tickets open for public!

here's the details:

date: 25th november 2011 (friday)
venue: syuen hotel, ipoh
time: 8pm-10pm
admission pass: RM168 and RM118
ticketing outlet: friendly records (kinta city)

Repertoire for “In The Mood For Love”

          Set One
     Set Two
1.     晚風 (L) Evening Breeze

1.     如果沒有你 (Z) If I Don’t have You
2.     夜來香 (L) Fragrance of The Night

2.     秋夜 (Z) Autumnal Night
3.     醉在你懷中(LIntoxicated in Your Embrace

3.     秋詩篇Autumnal Poetry (Z)
          4.     WVC Trio instrumentals
               ·        Bengawan Solo
               ·        Aquellos Ojos Verdes
4.     恰是你的溫柔 (Z) Like Your Tenderness
         5.     縈舊夢 (L) Recurring Old Dreams
5.     WVC Trio : Quizas, Quizas, Quizas
6. 桃李爭春 (L) Fighting For     Attention
6.     情人的眼淚 LLover’s Tears

7. 遠的微笑 (L) Forever Smile
7.   忘不了的你 (L) Unforgettable

8.  不了情 (L) Endless Love

         9.     往事只能回味 + 花样的年華   (Z+L)
The Past Can Only Be Reminisced + My Glorious Years

L – Lydia Chew
Z – Z Yan

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

迈向国际 [going international]

princess with her second MV  "autumnal night"

it is pretty obvious that for malaysian chinese artistes to make it, they must first be famous overseas then only  they would get the respect they deserve back home.

"the jazzy sounds of teresa teng" has gained much recognition in the past 3 months but to grow bigger and gain bigger acceptance, we must go international. no other ways.
we have taken 2 months to prepare our proposal and video for overseas agents and now it is time to really develop this area of business. today, we submitted our proposal to agents in taiwan, singapore and hong kong. how far can we go from now onwards is uncertain but at least we try and we believe if one tries hard enough, one would eventually succeed one day.

meanwhile, the retail music market slumps further with many distributors started to press the panic buttons. we bought many CDs in the past months including joanna wang but we haven't got around reviewing them yet.

many businesses have taken a dive with changing consumer behavior. the hottest topic these days is iphone 4s Siri, the voice recognition device. very few people are bothered with hifi or cd shopping anymore. our hifi dealer friends are also seeking business outside malaysia.

we see an opportunity in introducing chinese jazz music to a young, emerging group of discerning adults. because the music world is so chaotic, it has never been a better time to do jazz music to suit the tastes of this group of music lovers.

we plan to do some "database mining" with major companies who own databases to dig out this group of "borderline" and potential music lovers.

doing chinese jazz standards has so much more potential than doing western jazz standards because with chinese music, we (malaysian singers) are on par with the best of the world but with western jazz, you have no way to penetrate into the international market as you would be invariably compared with the likes of diana krall and norah jones and you are guaranteed to look inferior. that's why zee avi is such an exceptional case.    

Saturday, October 15, 2011

身在云霄 [in heavenly clouds]

the nature of concert organization is such that no two concerts are the same as unexpected events could occur out of your expectations.

this time, cher siang is using back his regular band members of his wvc trio and the members were not aware that we had a video sequence from the movie "comrade, not a love story" before the song starts, so they started playing the music and the rest had to follow! quickly, winnie ho saw the mistake and started covering it by speaking at the same time the video is being played. the video is supposed to show the famous pasar malam scene where maggie cheung and leon lai were selling teresa teng cassettes but the sales was bad and it started raining.... soon, the famous saxophone intro of the song "rain of tears" (lei de xiao yu) came in.... it is a memorable scene but it was spoiled it by the intruding music! what a bummer!

overall it was a good show with winnie ho putting up another commendable performance, despite nursing a mild sore throat. but part of the crowd was not the appreciative kind, because they got free tickets from the sponsor. this is the worst part about the concert. they just moved in and out of the concert hall without knowing that they were disturbing others. to be fair, those who paid money to watch it are the ones who really appreciate it and these people are greatly disturbed by those who got their tickets free!

next concert, we will make some strict announcement about behaving properly in the concert hall.

the sound quality was good but some complained of too high sound pressure level. this is an area we need to investigate and fine tune. but the lighting this time is really great, as you can see in the photo above. we increased our budget and the results speak for itself.

the best and goose bumps-raising moments of the concert were when winnie sang "yun he" (river of clouds) with cher siang's piano solo.  everything stood still when winnie opened her first verse with her heavenly voice. cher siang's superb arrangement really brings the listeners up to the clouds, and wandering in the vast space of the beautiful sky. seriously, this song alone is worth the admission price of the ticket. ask those who attended and see whether they would agree.

this is already our 3rd concert and we are getting experienced and the crew is also getting the hang of it.

at the same time, we would like to announce a good news: another sponsor will stage "the jazzy sounds of teresa teng" in melaka in december 2011!

can we not get all excited with such great response?

[post-script: elimination by nature]

let me share one anecdote with you. the regular piano tuner that bentley employs (note: bentley sponsored the ritmuller piano) is an uncle who is well versed with music and can play the piano pretty well. more than once, he gave the highest praise for tay cher siang and winnie ho. he said to me: "in my existence and in my music listening years, i have never heard such a refreshing teresa teng. well done, guys, you start a new chapter in malaysia."

we know we are starting a music revolution here in malaysia. no one dares to do chinese music as bold, unconventional and daring as us. along the process, we attract jealousy(plenty!), criticism, resistence and total rejection. it is ok, darling. as with every revolution in the history, there is bound to be supporters and detractors along the way. to our supporters, thank you very much, let's grow together in music. to our detractors, thank you also, we hope to see you next time when we are more famous. luckily, there is no bloodshed in music revolution ;-)   

we know some ( a small fraction) who came to the concert (past or present) repel our music and left halfway during the concert. sorry guys, we don't follow traditions, we challenge them. if you find that we are too far off from your ideal (e.g how you think teresa teng should sound) then we thank you for your time. perhaps you should introduce your sons and daughters to our music instead.

it is never easy to be a revolutionist but we are prepared to march on fearlessly.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

roger 的幽默 [pork pork music]

we had a superb day at the photo shoot yesterday!

our photographer, pacino (not AL, but wong) is a real talent. his new studio at centrio, bangsar south is a gem of a place to take photos and everyone loves it!

finally, we have some decent photos for roger wang, tay cher siang and winnie ho! we have been recycling the same old photos until even the journaliists frown on us! one thing for sure, these two gentlemen and the lady look so great on camera, especially winnie ho who looked a million dollar on camera! the crew were impressed by the shutter skills of pacino wong. you can look forward to these great shots in our next album of the same name with the concert, "the jazz sounds of teresa teng"!

meanwhile, roger wang, due to our consistent supply of pork to him in his meals, has decided to rename "pop pop music" to "pork pork music". wry sense of humor from the guitar man!

we are all anticipating a great show tomorrow night, fingers fully crossed.

surely, the team is having fun!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

星报报导 [In The Star today!]

article in the star today!

FANS of Chinese oldies are in for a treat as Andaman Group is presenting two charity concerts featuring evergreens from yesteryear.
The first, The Jazzy Sound of Teresa Teng, will see Winnie Ho (singer), Tay Cher Siang (pianist) and Roger Wang (acoustic guitar) presenting Teng’s music with a youthful and modern twist.
It will be held on Friday from 8.30pm to 10.30pm at Bentley Music Auditorium in Petaling Jaya.
The second, to be held on Nov 25 from 8pm to 10pm at Syuen Hotel in Ipoh, Perak will feature famous tunes from Zhou Xuan, Bai Guang, Liu JIa Chang, Teresa Teng and Cai Qin.
Talented: Winnie Ho, the champion of Astro Talent Quest 2000, will be rendering Teresa Teng’s evergreen songs at the charity concert.

Local talents Lydia Chew and Z Yan will be performing in this event themed In the Mood for Love.
Funds raised from the two concerts will be contributed to SMJK Sam Tet in Ipoh, Perak and Yayasan Pendidikan John Moh. The money will be used for school maintenance, school activities, upgrading of educational facilities and helping underprivileged students.
Moh served as the school headmaster from 1959 to 1992.
The foundation was set up in 1995 in recognition of his contribution to the school.
Andaman Group executive chairman Datuk Patrick Teoh, an alumnus of the school, remembers Moh as a kind yet firm headmaster.
“He would not consider dismissal when disciplinary cases were referred to him.
“On the contrary, he tried to change the students by educating them,” Teoh recalled.
Besides the charitable cause, Teoh said the concerts would be a good opportunity to promote local talents and introduce the memorable tunes to the younger generation.
Admission passes for The Jazzy Sound of Teresa Teng are available at RM138 and RM188, while passess for In the Mood for Love are available at RM118 and RM168.
For details on both concerts, call 012-208 3790. Tickets for In the Mood For Love are available at Friendly Records at Kinta City and Yik Foong Complex in Ipoh. For details, call 016-628 8819.

Monday, October 10, 2011

曲目 [repertoire on 9th november 2011@NBT]


偏偏喜欢你,一生何求 /惦记这一些 With worm),涟漪

Guest—Baby Fei
凝望, 初戀, 念親恩
Winnie + Worm

The End

Saturday, October 8, 2011

和公主恋爱 [romancing princess]

ta-da, the long-awaited, widely anticipated music video from our princess in the house....

you want to know why princess has tonnes of suitors, this video will tell you why.

enjoy, romancing in the rain!

Friday, October 7, 2011

又开始兴奋了![all worked up!]

why is music making so addictive? why is music making so blissful? why so many musicians can struggle for life just to continually make and play music? (the less fortunate ones would quit and find a day job)

the answer is: music, more than anything else, is a kind of soul food that can nourish the soul and enrich your life. you wouldn't mind being poor, you just want to be soulfully enriched.  

once again, we are in the heat of preparing for next week's musical showcase "the jazzy sounds of teresa teng". since this is a repeat, we are so much more relaxed that the first time. still,since it is a corporate charity show, we can't take it likely as it bears a lot of consequences if we do well and if we don't do well.

next week is gonna be another roller coaster time for us. with practice, rehearsal, photo shooting, last minute preparations all lined up, it is gonna be all madness again but how we love this madness!

we count ourselves extremely lucky because we can do all these wonderful things according to our wishes, not being bounded by traditions and not being "shiok sendiri". "shiok sendiri" is when you keep losing money yet you persist on foolishly which is of course, is not happening to us!

we mourn the passsing of steve jobs today. what a great man, what a great visionary. among all his quotes, we find this one truly enlightening...

Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me … Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful… that’s what matters to me.”

how true. we fear nothing in pursuing our musical goals because we are driven by the fact that we are doing something wonderful, to those who appreciate our music, anyway.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

把最好的都给你 [only the best for you]

we are sure you wouldn't expect this: we are releasing the best of susan wong!

16 songs in one CD, can you beat that??? !!!

the audiophile queen from HK is certainly well known here in malaysia and we are so lucky to have her greatest hits in our catalogue!

this CD is exclusively sold at CDRAMA outlets only, starting next month.

this is proudly the 10th album brought to you by pop pop music.

perfect 10 deserves full attention, you must buy it, ok? 

10 albums in 3 glorious years. not bad huh? 

1 How Deep Is Your Love
2 Superstar
3 Stay Awhile
4 Sometimes When We Touch
5 We're All Alone
6 You've Got A Friend
7 Killing Me Softly
8 I'm Easy
9 Sway
10 I Just Fall In Love Again
11 Close to You
12 Desperado
13 You Needed Me
14 Do That to Me One More Time
15 Kiss Me Goodbye
16 The Other Side Of The Sun

Monday, October 3, 2011

追忆陈百强音乐会新闻稿 [danny chan tribute party press release]

Tribute to Danny Chan 【追忆陈百强】音乐会@ No Black Tie 9th November 2011 & 16th November 2011

He has left us for 18 years but his music is still cherished by many Cantopop music lovers. Do you still fondly remember 【偏偏喜欢你】, 【涟漪】, 【有了你】?

Pop pop music, the premier audiophile music label and concert organizer in Malaysia, has recently launched a tribute album of Danny Chan called 【追忆陈百强】 . Sung by Hong Kong ‘s veteran singer, Bonnie Lam 【林小宝】 and collaborating with Hong Kong's Rock In Music, this is pop pop music’s first Cantonese album, after the release of many successful Mandarin albums like 2V1G, JZ8 【爵士八号】 and Bossa Princess 【芭莎公主】。

In conjunction with the release of the album, pop pop music is going to have a Danny Chan tribute launch party at No Black Tie. No Black Tie is the most famous jazz club in Malaysia. 2V1G is the first Chinese act which performed there in 2008. Now we see other local Chinese artistes like Yudi Yap 【友弟】and Paul Wah Chew 【周博华】making regular appearances in this prestigious jazz club.

Gracing the stage will be pop pop music’s stable of artistes like Winnie Ho 【何芸妮】, Z Yan 【欣彦】, Lydia Chew 【周翠玲】, Jeffrey Lim 【阿飞】 and pop pop music’s newly signed male singer, Worm Lee 【李振南】. Worm Lee is the talented singer-songwriter who wrote Z Yan’s Bossa Nova hit 【洒洒雨】。The singers will be backed by the hottest jazz trio in Malaysia, music director Tay Cher siang's 【郑泽相】WVC trio.

Come by for a night of nostalgia and fun as these singers take you through a musical journey of Danny Chan’s music. You also get to buy first hand Bonnie Lam CD before it hits the retail market. Details:

Venue: No Black Tie [google map
Date: 9th November 2011 (Wednesday) and 16th November 2011 (Wednesday) 
Time: 9:30pm – 11:30pm 
Cover Charge: RM40 [Does not include drinks] 
Booking: 03-21423737

Saturday, October 1, 2011

我们三月在街灯下见! [see you in march 2012!]

推广音乐 [music education]

we called up some of our audiophile friends and asked them why they didn't attend our concerts, the disappointing answer was: "oh, sorry, we don't like to go out, we prefer listening to the CDs at the comfort of our home. besides, getting a visa from our wives is not easy ".

as we know long ago, the concert going crowd is a small minority. you have to have something in you to become this crowd. we don't mean those maddeningly crowded idol-gazing cantopop or mandopop concerts in stadium putra or bukit jalil. we are talking about jazz concerts. small venues like NBT can pack at most 120 people and even DFP can go at most 800 pax.

how to popularize jazz? how to make jazz a mainstream musical diet? we are going to make this our mission next year, eventho' we already have 6 concerts in our calendar. 

we plan to have a "pop pop music sharing series" where we host a special series of concerts only cater to the music school/college students. we would start with chinese-stream music students. we are not sure whether we should extend to established big boys like ICOM, sedaya.

we would still host it in bentley but it is standing room only (or sitting room like what we did in liyana fizi launch!) and the ticket would be as low as RM30-40. we would pack at least 700 people.     

of course, we need sponsors to make it happen. the music school/college themselves can be sponsors, of course.

we see a lot of good reasons to do courses like this to expose the young generation of what is possible with jazz and chinese oldies. we always believe that our music is young and unique eventho' we do oldies. we also believe our standards are very high for the students to learn from us (ahem)

let's put this agenda into our already-packed 2012 calendar!