Sunday, October 28, 2012

為何愛上她 [why we adore her voice]

Freya in year 2000, when she first released her debut album.

freya in 2012 after she got famous with the TV theme song 

what we want in a pop singer:

1) looks 2) looks 3) looks

what we want in an audiophile singer:
1) voice 2) voice 3) voice

of course, we are half-joking. but even a good voice means different things to different people. some want their singers to have thick midrange and bassy lows (like cai qin), some prefer to have wide vocal range (like adele), some want sweet-like-honey voices (like olivia ong and lily chen jie li)... so, you can't really generalize female vocals; it is simply too subjective.

but what do we like? ok, here's the 3-most-critical criteria in descending order of importance...of course, there are many other aspects but they are not as important.

1) a great and distinguished tone that separate her from many sound-alikes.

this is especially difficult to find in chinese singers cos most of them sound homogeneous and too similar. many people can't tell what is a good tone. these people need to drink red wine and single malt whisky to better appreciate female vocal tones. just kidding.

2) a balanced vocal range

she can sound velvety in highs, sweet and tender in the mids and has enough bass in the lows (does not need to be ample). she can be technically a soprano and still she has enough bass in her low registers. many singers have very good mids but not good highs, that's ok but without highs, it would limit them to certain songs only. on the other hard, if she doesn't have enough low registers, she would sound thin and piercing. all things being equal, midrange is still the most important range for an audiophile female singer.

3) superb techniques and emotional expressions

both of these criteria are of equal importance: emotions and techniques. you can't be perfect without having both of these, tho' you can have more in either one aspect.

the reality is you can hardly find many singers that fit these 3 criteria simultaneously. mind you, we are not at all impressed with those "iron lungs" female powerhouses whose voice could break the glass and scale multiple octaves.... we are talking about audiophiles voices, voices for the connoisseurs.

we think freya lin fan passes our exam books with flying colors. we think she has everything we wanna look for in a female audiophile voice. of course, you can argue you have better choices but we are fully entitled to our opinion, right?

of course, there won't be a slightest chance we could sign freya at this point in her career (she is enjoying her career height at the moment after being in obscurity for the past 10 years). we would wait until she is past 40, when the pop market does not need her, then we would fly to taiwan and offer her a contract!

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