Sunday, October 21, 2012

江湖傳聞 [urban myth]

there is a urban myth in the audiophile circle: they say the HK pressing of  《2V1G》 has better sound quality than MY press. we were very very doubtful and yelled "how could that be?". but admittedly, yes, it is better in terms of transparency and tonality.

here comes the good news! we have just brought back 100 copies of HK pressing, just for our beloved supporters and fans.... these are the last 100 pieces from HK as we have stopped the license for HK.... do you want a copy? ACT FAST!!!

Special Price:RM50 please email your orders to 

Hi-Fi 江湖又有一個傳聞:他們說香港版的《2V1G》比馬來西亞版的的靚聲。 我們說 “怎麼可能?” 但不得不承認 它的確靚聲:透明感, 音色都優越 蠻玄的事 那好消息來了:我們剛從香港運回 100 張給我們的粉絲們! 對,最後的 100 張!因爲我們已終止了香港的合約 你想擁有嗎?那就行動吧! 趕快聯繫我們!價錢:RM50

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