Saturday, November 3, 2012

2v1g 《唯美咖啡館巡迴 2013》 [2v1g “the beautiful cafe tour 2013”]

we heard you. a lot of people wanted back a female vocalist like regine tai in 2v1g.

we found one and we are going to bring her to tour.

for the record, 2v1g has never toured malaysia.

this tour arises from our recent visits to many states in malaysia and discovered many beautiful cafes there, especially in penang (oh, how we love the DAP-governed penang!), ipoh and melaka. you need a beautiful venue to go with 2v1g's exquisite music.

and we are going to do a lot of new songs.

you wanna hear the new female vocalist sing "tempting heart" and "i don't want to be alone", two wonderful ballads covered by regine tai in 2v1g-1? you wanna hear how the come-of-age winnie ho sing "perhaps"? you wanna hear the entirely mature roger wang play for 2v1g again?

this "new" 2V1G: Winnie Ho + Roger Wang + A new female "V"  are going back to making music in its simplest form. "The Beautiful Cafe Tour 2013" will kick start in January 2013!

We have already earmarked several famous spots, the rest will be confirmed later.

Ipoh: Indulgence Cafe and Restaurant, 18th Jan 2013
Penang: China House, 19th Jan 2013
Melaka: Yet to be confirmed
Singapore: Yet to be confirmed
JB: Yet to be confirmed
Kuala Lumpur: yet to be confirmed

make sure you are part of the audience, whichever state you are!

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