Tuesday, November 6, 2012

《勁歌金曲之張學友真情流露》 音樂會 [cantopop solid gold night]

we have covered quite a few pop legends in the past, but we haven't done him yet.

yes, jacky cheung, the god of songs!

one reasons we stopped watching his concerts in recent years is: he didn't sing all those golden hits in his heyday anymore!

so, if he does not sing them, let us sing them, how about that?

jeffery lim, worm lee and our newcomer yeh feng, all 3 singers are gonna bring back all these nostalgic hits in a non-stop, a-hit-a-minute fashion! so it is gonna be one breathless run of karaoke hits for you to sing-along!

yes, the dates are 19th and 20th of december 2012, this time at No Black Tie.

we are gonna have a massive karaoke session on consecutive nights! come join us! 

here's the repertoire!

1)總有一天等到你 http://youtu.be/HWxq4Vb0Prs
4) 等你等到我心痛 http://youtu.be/4KKZVgCusXg
5) 只有你不知道 http://youtu.be/5b6QHorEJUA
6) 分手總要在雨天 http://youtu.be/inYVTo9AL4I

2) 還是覺得你最好 http://youtu.be/B0FOXWb1IIw
3) 一顆不變心 http://youtu.be/OhJzcmJBN94

2) 每天愛你多一些 http://youtu.be/pur28DxPhj8
3) 真情流露 http://youtu.be/qH9UkHvSmAU
4) 遙遠的他 http://youtu.be/B_eLpOELsj0
5) 只想一生跟你走 http://youtu.be/JOoQS-5bRpI

1) Feng - 愛得比你深 http://youtu.be/p_SEsSXQeqc
2) Worm - 愛火花 http://youtu.be/_mRW-iy5sEI
3) Fei - 只願一生愛一人 http://youtu.be/URzLLsnAIf8


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