Friday, November 30, 2012

祇有情永在 [only the love remains]

in a world of chaos, it is good to remember oldies. oldies aren't mouldy.

this is one song we would cover in the upcoming "tribute to jacky cheung" gig in NBT next month. i am sure if you are over 35, you would cherish this immensely.

really, we are one of the few in malaysia who is capable of consistently churning quality tributes to chinese music icons one after another, and we are mighty proud of this.

some of our fans even commented : "RM50 cover charge, so cheap!". yea, we know but that's our way to reward music lovers. you guys are really fantastic to support us over the years, what can we do but to give you back quality music at an affordable rate.

most music lovers are closet ones, they prefer to stay at home to listen to their music. nothing wrong with that. so those who really come out for live music are very very precious.

to these people, you can have our words: we won't leave this industry (we may stop producing albums), we would keep producing quality shows like this to keep the music going! 

like this song above, when everything is gone, only the love remains.  

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