Monday, December 24, 2012

不鳴則已,一鳴驚人 [amazing feat]

this is ah fei's best performance to-date
yeh foong: the singer, jester and entertainer all rolled in one

it took us some time to write this post, cos we needed time to digest what happened at the last NBT gig.

we saw something precious, something that never happened before.

another star is born. this time, it takes on a totally different package: singing, jesting and entertaining all in one package. the amazing trio that comprises of jeffery lim, worm lee and our most stunning newcomer, yeh foong.

the fact that they could sing cantonese even to the approval of some HK guests on the spot is not enough, they managed to tickled the funny bones and really brought the crowd to a musical orgasm, as what we promised earlier.

what a night, what a memorable experience. we are sure NBT seldom had such rapturous response before, we are damn sure.

this trio has everything going for them. they have chemistry on stage, they harmonize perfectly and their jokes worked on the crowd. and it is only their debut! debut, my goodness! imagine how far they could go given more exposures and stage experiences.

the crowd feedback is 100%, in fact, some said they wished the music could go on all the way until dawn. almost everyone likes our newcomer, yeh foong, she has such natural charm on stage. this woman is a gem of a find, many friends told us that night.  

we have a trump card on board now, make no mistake.   

do expect more stage performances from this amazing trio next year, finger crossed. 

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