Friday, December 28, 2012

最佳新人 [best newcomer]

this week's youtube sensation is our newcomer, yeh foong!

our new artiste, yeh foong,  is one who comes in a complete package: singer, jester and entertainer all rolled in one. what more do you want?

yeh foong has the stage presence that many veterans would dream of. even at her debut performance at NBT (the jacky cheung tribute), she did enough to convince everyone that she is a not just a new discovery, but a talent who has been waiting for a chance to shine.

many have witnessed how she conquered the stage with impressive singing, and unique brand of humor. this kind of talent starts from small age, definitely.

yeh foong has plenty of expressions in her singing. she has character, a very strong character. she has natural charm on stage, coupled with bone-tickling humor, she would be a valuable performer where "entertaintment" is the foremost criteria.

she would be the new genre of singers that would help pop pop music to further strengthen and add variety to our artiste pool.

welcome to the family, yeh foong!

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