Sunday, December 16, 2012

唱將三人組 [solid trio for jacky cheung tribute]

each of them has more than 10 years in singing.

each of them is a solid singer in his/her own right.

in an entertainment industry full of mediocrity and superficiality, it is hard to find real substance.

we steadfastly believe that substance triumphs over style and packaging.

on wednesday and thursday night at no black tie, you will find out what substance is all about.

"cantopop solid gold: a tribute to jacky cheung" kicks off this week, and just on the eve of,  the supposedly End-of-The-World doomsday....

if that really happens, what better way to end it in a mass musical orgasms!

see you at NBT!    

last minute booking: 012-2083790

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