Friday, November 30, 2012

祇有情永在 [only the love remains]

in a world of chaos, it is good to remember oldies. oldies aren't mouldy.

this is one song we would cover in the upcoming "tribute to jacky cheung" gig in NBT next month. i am sure if you are over 35, you would cherish this immensely.

really, we are one of the few in malaysia who is capable of consistently churning quality tributes to chinese music icons one after another, and we are mighty proud of this.

some of our fans even commented : "RM50 cover charge, so cheap!". yea, we know but that's our way to reward music lovers. you guys are really fantastic to support us over the years, what can we do but to give you back quality music at an affordable rate.

most music lovers are closet ones, they prefer to stay at home to listen to their music. nothing wrong with that. so those who really come out for live music are very very precious.

to these people, you can have our words: we won't leave this industry (we may stop producing albums), we would keep producing quality shows like this to keep the music going! 

like this song above, when everything is gone, only the love remains.  

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

很酷的版本 [cool version]

this week's youtube sensation is rose liu, she from the taiwan's "superstar reality show" last year!

we already took notice of rose in the show last year(the same series with the incredible janice yan) and we would expect someone to sign her but up till now, we didn't hear much about her latest movement.

rose has a wide vocal range and plenty of skills to handle a wide repertoire of songs. this version of teresa teng " a thousand words" is fresh and unconventional, kudos to the arranger.

we would recommend rose to go the audiophile singer path, rather than pop. her talents and voice would be wasted and buried under the commercial pop trash.

thanks our supporter glenn chin for recommending this!

這是什麼玩笑? [are you kidding me?]

these titles are selling close to RM80-90, what the f**k?!!!

do you know how much they are selling in HK and SG?

sorry, did i just wake up from another planet?

when kind of profit margin are we talking about? are audiophile CDs in the handphone accessories category? :-)
the audiophile music industry is already in its pits, why make it worse? why kill the industry?

are we treating audiophiles as nuts?


Saturday, November 24, 2012

胡琳翻唱鄧麗君 [bianca sings teresa teng]

another cover of ms. teng, is it any good?

bianca wu is backed by very rich bosses and this album is the current talking point in review 33. a mud-slinging fight is happening there!

we are taking a break from HK audiophile albums ;-)

絕望中的希望 [more desperate attempts]

another proof that the audiophile market has gone haywire.

having said that, there will still be many gullible buyers who would fall for these.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

太忙了! [too busy!]

sorry for the lack of update in recent weeks, been sick and been really busy!

however, we promise, no matter how busy we are we will still give you the weekly youtube sensation! check out this week's youtube sensation, the acoustic duo from HK, robynn and

if you have facebook, do join us at pop pop music where we have more brierf updates and news...

Friday, November 16, 2012

不捨的離別 [dearly departed]

a friend commented that this is a terrible photo to capture a separation

there was a time, she used to be my life. we spent at least 5 hours a day together.

and that lasted for more than a decade, yes, from around 2000 to 2012.

in the last 2 years since i stepped into the live music business, we found ourselves spending less and less time together.

finally we broke up last week. that was the most terrible day of my life.



Monday, November 12, 2012

來一起來感動吧![let's cry together]

這個星期的 youtube 達人, The One from Korea!
check out this week's youtube sensation, The One from Korea!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

這個星期的 youtube 達人 [this week's youtube sensation]

這個星期的 youtube 達人, Jason chen!
check out this week's youtube sensation, jason chen!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

《勁歌金曲之張學友真情流露》 音樂會 [cantopop solid gold night]

we have covered quite a few pop legends in the past, but we haven't done him yet.

yes, jacky cheung, the god of songs!

one reasons we stopped watching his concerts in recent years is: he didn't sing all those golden hits in his heyday anymore!

so, if he does not sing them, let us sing them, how about that?

jeffery lim, worm lee and our newcomer yeh feng, all 3 singers are gonna bring back all these nostalgic hits in a non-stop, a-hit-a-minute fashion! so it is gonna be one breathless run of karaoke hits for you to sing-along!

yes, the dates are 19th and 20th of december 2012, this time at No Black Tie.

we are gonna have a massive karaoke session on consecutive nights! come join us! 

here's the repertoire!

4) 等你等到我心痛
5) 只有你不知道
6) 分手總要在雨天

2) 還是覺得你最好
3) 一顆不變心

2) 每天愛你多一些
3) 真情流露
4) 遙遠的他
5) 只想一生跟你走

1) Feng - 愛得比你深
2) Worm - 愛火花
3) Fei - 只願一生愛一人


Saturday, November 3, 2012

2v1g 《唯美咖啡館巡迴 2013》 [2v1g “the beautiful cafe tour 2013”]

we heard you. a lot of people wanted back a female vocalist like regine tai in 2v1g.

we found one and we are going to bring her to tour.

for the record, 2v1g has never toured malaysia.

this tour arises from our recent visits to many states in malaysia and discovered many beautiful cafes there, especially in penang (oh, how we love the DAP-governed penang!), ipoh and melaka. you need a beautiful venue to go with 2v1g's exquisite music.

and we are going to do a lot of new songs.

you wanna hear the new female vocalist sing "tempting heart" and "i don't want to be alone", two wonderful ballads covered by regine tai in 2v1g-1? you wanna hear how the come-of-age winnie ho sing "perhaps"? you wanna hear the entirely mature roger wang play for 2v1g again?

this "new" 2V1G: Winnie Ho + Roger Wang + A new female "V"  are going back to making music in its simplest form. "The Beautiful Cafe Tour 2013" will kick start in January 2013!

We have already earmarked several famous spots, the rest will be confirmed later.

Ipoh: Indulgence Cafe and Restaurant, 18th Jan 2013
Penang: China House, 19th Jan 2013
Melaka: Yet to be confirmed
Singapore: Yet to be confirmed
JB: Yet to be confirmed
Kuala Lumpur: yet to be confirmed

make sure you are part of the audience, whichever state you are!