Friday, December 28, 2012

最佳新人 [best newcomer]

this week's youtube sensation is our newcomer, yeh foong!

our new artiste, yeh foong,  is one who comes in a complete package: singer, jester and entertainer all rolled in one. what more do you want?

yeh foong has the stage presence that many veterans would dream of. even at her debut performance at NBT (the jacky cheung tribute), she did enough to convince everyone that she is a not just a new discovery, but a talent who has been waiting for a chance to shine.

many have witnessed how she conquered the stage with impressive singing, and unique brand of humor. this kind of talent starts from small age, definitely.

yeh foong has plenty of expressions in her singing. she has character, a very strong character. she has natural charm on stage, coupled with bone-tickling humor, she would be a valuable performer where "entertaintment" is the foremost criteria.

she would be the new genre of singers that would help pop pop music to further strengthen and add variety to our artiste pool.

welcome to the family, yeh foong!

Monday, December 24, 2012

不鳴則已,一鳴驚人 [amazing feat]

this is ah fei's best performance to-date
yeh foong: the singer, jester and entertainer all rolled in one

it took us some time to write this post, cos we needed time to digest what happened at the last NBT gig.

we saw something precious, something that never happened before.

another star is born. this time, it takes on a totally different package: singing, jesting and entertaining all in one package. the amazing trio that comprises of jeffery lim, worm lee and our most stunning newcomer, yeh foong.

the fact that they could sing cantonese even to the approval of some HK guests on the spot is not enough, they managed to tickled the funny bones and really brought the crowd to a musical orgasm, as what we promised earlier.

what a night, what a memorable experience. we are sure NBT seldom had such rapturous response before, we are damn sure.

this trio has everything going for them. they have chemistry on stage, they harmonize perfectly and their jokes worked on the crowd. and it is only their debut! debut, my goodness! imagine how far they could go given more exposures and stage experiences.

the crowd feedback is 100%, in fact, some said they wished the music could go on all the way until dawn. almost everyone likes our newcomer, yeh foong, she has such natural charm on stage. this woman is a gem of a find, many friends told us that night.  

we have a trump card on board now, make no mistake.   

do expect more stage performances from this amazing trio next year, finger crossed. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

唱將三人組 [solid trio for jacky cheung tribute]

each of them has more than 10 years in singing.

each of them is a solid singer in his/her own right.

in an entertainment industry full of mediocrity and superficiality, it is hard to find real substance.

we steadfastly believe that substance triumphs over style and packaging.

on wednesday and thursday night at no black tie, you will find out what substance is all about.

"cantopop solid gold: a tribute to jacky cheung" kicks off this week, and just on the eve of,  the supposedly End-of-The-World doomsday....

if that really happens, what better way to end it in a mass musical orgasms!

see you at NBT!    

last minute booking: 012-2083790

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

香港新的獨立女王 [HK's new indie queen]

this week's YouTube sensation.... Ellen Loo 盧凱彤!

for the longest time, hong kong couldn't produce any singer-songwriters worthy to challenge the unshakeable standing of taiwan's top singer-songwriters like cheer chen and deserts zhang xuan. it is either HK doesn't have the culture and environment, or such genre of singer-songwriters would not be able of survive. a few came and went, but never able to stay long in the scene.

here comes ellen loo, reputedly to be the best female guitarist in HK now, and the one who played guitar in eason chan's DUO concert two years ago. she did steal the limelight from eason then.

coming from an indie background, ellen certainly has the style, attitude and substance to go far. her guitar playing is commendable too. the guitar riffs in this song sound refreshingly different. HK cantopop has been in the doldrums for the last decade or more, we need more singer-songwriters like ellen to rejuvenate and bring a breath of fresh air to the dying music scene

Sunday, December 9, 2012

2013 重頭炮 [major release 2013]

unlike before, where we lead you thru every step of our production, this time we are keeping mum for our major release(s) in 2013. actually there are two, but let's talk about the most imminent one. 

suffice to say, it is gonna be the talking piece in the industry.

listen to this teaser song to get yourself prepared ....

Thursday, December 6, 2012

媒體接受度 [media acceptance]

tay cher siang was featured in China Press yesterday

once upon a time, local chinese media didn't know what to make out of us.

questions and eyebrows were raised: "what sort of music is that?", "why did you only do cover versions, not original compositions?", "you mean albums like these can sell meh?", "why don't your singers have music videos?", "what's so special about your recording?"....etc etc.

today, they are aware, they know and they recognize us.

thank you to all the musicians and singers in the team who helped us to gain respect from the local chinese media.